Napoleon and Dynamite

10 03 2010

What an outstanding episode. We got a healthy dose of Ben, a (very) little bit of background on Richard Alpert, and we saw Jack smile—and not an “I’m frustrated and I don’t know how else to express it” smile, but a smile of genuine happiness, or peace. And that’s a rare thing indeed for Jack Shephard. (It’s Dr. Shephard, actually.)

“It’s Dr. Linus, Actually”
I’d like to audit a class taught by Dr. Linus; wouldn’t you? I mean, he seemed to really understand what it must have been like for Napoleon to be exiled to Elba—stranded on an island, stripped of his power…

Did you see how the writers set us up in Sideways World? Well, I fell for it. They snookered me good.

They set up the plot just like last week: showing us a gentler, kinder Ben Linus. Ben heats up organic microwave meals for his ailing father (who, did you notice, still refers to “the damn Dharma Initiative” with the same disdain he did on the island?) just as Sayid cared for Nadia and his brother Omer. Just as Sayid cared for his brother’s kids, Ben cares for his students—especially the student who is almost like a daughter to him. Almost.

Like Sayid’s Sideways story, Ben’s also took an ugly turn when he decided to blackmail his way into a position of power, prompting his co-conspirator, the annoying Leslie Arzt, to say, “You had me fooled with that sweater vest; Linus, you’re a real killer.” Speaking of being a “real killer,” that was the ugly shift in Sayid’s story. When Keamy told him that they could just forget about the fact that he had beaten up his brother, Sayid did what killers do. He killed.

The stage was set for Ben’s story to follow the same tragic arc. And then something happened. Ben…changed.

Ben sacrificed his opportunity to claim the position he wanted in order to ensure that Alex would have a chance at the future she deserved.

This is the greatest contrast we’ve seen between Sideways World and island life—when Ben allowed his daughter to be shot (by Keamy, ironically) because he didn’t want to risk losing his role as leader of the Others. And it was powerful.

It was Linus in the Statue with the Bloody Dagger
While Dr. Linus was sacrificing his own ambitions for the sake of Alex’s future over in Sideways World, on the island, Ben’s future was being sacrificed by Psychic Miles and “You killed my father figure” Ilana.

Again, the writers tricked me. First of all, I didn’t think Miles was going to reveal that Ben was Jacob’s killer. He did. And then I thought, “Ilana isn’t really going to kill Ben.” But now, I think she might have. I think she was giving him a chance to change. But as long as he kept trying to talk his way out of the consequences (to Ilana: “you can’t trust psychics…you know he tried to bribe me once”) or buy his way out (to Miles: “I can get off the island…and I have vast resources…people who can get you that money…”), he didn’t have a chance.

Then Locke showed up and promised Ben another chance at the one thing he’s always craved: power.

Locke: I’m gathering a group to leave the island for good. But when I leave, someone needs to be in charge.
Ben: Me?
Locke: I can’t think of a better man for the job.

But I don’t think these words impacted Ben as much as this revelation from Miles:

Ben: Ilana is going to murder me. For killing Jacob, a man who didn’t even care about being killed.
Miles: No, he cared. Right up until the second when the knife went through his heart, he was hoping he was wrong about you…I guess he wasn’t.

And that’s why I think Ben didn’t shoot Ilana. He told her he wasn’t shooting her because he wanted to explain. I think it was also because he wanted to think that maybe Jacob had been wrong about him. Maybe he wanted to believe that there was still hope for him. And he laid it all out for Ilana—speaking from his heart, and speaking honestly for once…

Ben: I want to explain that I know what you’re feeling.
Ilana: You have no idea.
Ben: I watched my daughter Alex die in front of me, and it was my fault. I had a chance to save her, and I chose the island over her. Only in the name of Jacob. I sacrificed everything for him. And he didn’t even care. Yeah, I stabbed him. I was so angry. Confused. I was terrified that I was about to lose the only thing that had ever mattered to me: my power. But the thing that really mattered was already gone. I’m sorry that I killed Jacob; I am. And I did not expect you to forgive me because I can never forgive myself.
Ilana: Then what do you want?
Ben: Just let me leave.
Ilana: Where will you go?
Ben: To Locke.
Ilana: Why?
Ben: Because he’s the only one who will have me.
Ilana: I’ll have you.

Yep, that scene gave me goosebumps—and I know it made others cry (you know who you are).

Emerson for the Win
One of the saddest things about the end of Lost is that we’ll probably never seen Michael Emerson in his element again. Sure, he’ll probably show up in other shows or movies, but there will never be a role better suited for him. There will never be another role that will put his acting chops on such vivid display. (Although maybe Jimmy Kimmel will continue to find ways to bring him on his show. Maybe he can continue to be Ben Linus there…in that reality.)

Locke Monster’s Plan

I’m convinced that Locke Monster didn’t care about installing Ben as the leader of the island after his departure; what does he care about the fate of the island after he leaves?

Instead, I think his plan was to kill Ilana. That’s why he put the rifle in the clearing (wouldn’t it have been easier to hide it a little closer to Ben?). That’s why he told Ben, “But don’t hesitate. She won’t.”

Just like he gave Ben the knife to stab Jacob, he provided the weapon to kill Ilana. Only this time, it didn’t work.

Why doesn’t Locke kill Ilana himself? Well, maybe he can’t. He couldn’t kill Jacob, and I suppose he can’t kill Jacob’s candidates either, or Richard or Ilana (whether, they’re candidates, bodyguards, or messengers, or whatever else they might be). I’m thinking the rule is: If Jacob touches them, they’re safe. From Locke Monster…and apparently, from themselves.

We are definitely seeing a trend in Locke Monster’s actions. He’s constantly appealing to whatever he thinks the other person wants most. For Sayid, it was Nadia. For Sawyer, it’s a way off the island, a chance to start over. For Claire, it’s a reunion with her baby. And Ben…a return to his position of power.

Only it was Ben, of all people, who didn’t take the bait.

Jack gets it exactly right
In “Lighthouse” Jacob said he can’t always jump into a cab and tell someone what they should do; sometimes he needs to let them stare out at the ocean for awhile. Well, Jack was the one doing the staring, and it looks like he figured out exactly what Jacob wanted him to.

So it is with great pleasure that I introduce to you the newest man of faith: Jack Shephard 3.0, a man who shows no fear when faced with a burning fuse of “mega-unstable” dynamite. A man who looks death in the face, and then shuts his eyes—completely at peace. A man who smiles when the fuse burns out, and a man who casually asks Richard, “Want to try another stick?”

This Jack is full of faith, which is sort of like Jack 2.0, only this Jack’s faith isn’t in a crazy scheme to blow up the island with an atomic bomb (which, as it turns out, might not have been a crazy scheme after all). Jack 3.0 has faith in…Jacob. And because of that, he has faith in himself.

Jack 3.0 doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do, but he’s willing to believe there has been a reason behind everything. Which, coincidentally, is what Richard had just started to doubt.

Richard: Jack, you should go with him.
Jack: No, I shouldn’t.
Richard: Then you’re going to die.
Jack: Actually, I don’t think either one of us is going to die. I just came from the lighthouse, where my name was etched into a dial that turned a mirror that somehow reflected the image of the house I grew up in. Jacob’s lighthouse. He got Hurley to bring me out there so I could see what was reflected in that mirror. For some reason he wanted me to know that he’d been watching me since I was a kid.
Richard: Why?
Jack: I have no idea why, but I’m willing to bet you that if Jacob went to that trouble, he brought me to this island for a reason, and it’s not to blow up with you right now.
Richard: That’s a pretty big risk you’re taking.
Jack: Yes.
Richard: What if you’re wrong?
Jack: I’m not.

That scene ends with Richard and Jack (both still very much alive) heading “back to where we started” (which, apparently, means the beach camp). And maybe, just maybe, Jack’s newfound faith has already started to rub off on Richard.

If nothing else, I don’t think Richard will be devising a new plan to off himself any time soon.

And Widmore spoils the moment…

Ordinarily, I like teasers at the end of an episode. So if this had been a typical episode, I would have loved learning at the very end that Widmore was submerged in a submarine just off the coast of the island…and yet, this episode felt so complete without it. I would have preferred it to end with Ben standing on the beach camp, as Jack and Hurley stumble back to the beach with their new companion, Richard Alpert—with both Ben and Richard feeling a combination of two feelings: the sense that they don’t quite belong, and the belief that they could.

But no, instead we got the glimpse of the periscope parting the waters. And when the periscope man informed Widmore that there were people on the beach, Widmore was not interested in stopping for them (Heck, he wasn’t even interested in taking a peek to see who they might be). He said simply, “Proceed as planned.”

And what is this plan of his? Keep reading…

Widmore’s Plan?

I can think of two things Widmore might be after. And both of them are bad news for our Losties.

You know how Locke Monster offered Ben a chance to be in charge of the island after Locke Monster and his friends bid the island adieu? Well, I wonder if Locke Monster made the same offer to Mr. Widmore. So maybe Widmore is coming to claim his throne.

I think Widmore might also be the key to Locke Monster’s trip home (wherever “home” is).

I believe it was in “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham” that Locke left the island only to find Widmore waiting for him in Tunisia. In that episode, Locke asked why Widmore was helping him. His response, “Because there’s a war coming, John. If you’re not back on the island, the wrong side is going to win.”

I’ve asked this before, but here it is again: Which “side” needed Locke to be on the island? Well, probably the side that planned to use his dead body to impersonate a candidate that could gain access to Jacob and compel Ben Linus to kill Jacob.

So…I think Widmore was in on this scheme all along. I’m guessing Jacob was responsible for Widmore’s banishment, and this is how he bought his return to the island. He made a deal with Mr. Evil Incarnate. Widmore agreed to make sure Locke’s body returned to the island and in return, Locke Monster made it possible for Widmore to return to the island (by offing Jacob, with a little help from Ben).

But what about Eloise? And Desmond? Penny? Are they on that sub with Widmore? I’m guessing the answer is no.


  • Sun’s “I need to find my husband” refrain has replaced Michael’s “Walt!” scream from the earliest seasons. I want this Sun/Jin reunion to happen just so Sun will have a new line—and so she’ll quit annoying me.
  • Don’t you feel better about our Losties’ chances now that they have Richard Alpert and a reformed (we hope) Benjamin Linus in their camp? But who takes the lead now? Ilana? Or Jack?
  • I love that Miles dug up the diamonds from those “two jabronis,” Nikki and Paolo.
  • I also love that Hurley was dreaming about cheese curds.
  • So Richard did come to the island aboard The Black Rock.
  • Hurley: Don’t open that; there’s dynamite in there and it’s mega unstable.
    Richard: I know.
    Hurley: So did Dr. Arzt, and I was still wiping him out of my shirt two days later.
  • I admit, I was sort of hoping Dr. Arzt would find a way to get blown up in Sideways World. He’s not as annoying as Frogurt, but it’s close.
  • Interesting parallel: On the island, Locke Monster appeals to Ben’s longing for power… and in Sideways World, Substitute Locke encourages Ben to replace the principal—also appealing to Ben’s desire for a position of power.
  • Questions:
    1 ) So why did Locke appear to Ben? Because he wants Ben to be in charge? (I doubt it.) Or because he wanted Ben to kill Ilana? (After all, he put the gun there.)

    2 ) So if the answer is that he wanted Ben to kill Ilana, does that mean that he can’t kill her? Has she been “touched” by Jacob? Is she one of the 6 candidates? (I don’t think she’s a candidate, since she appears to be their bodyguard, but maybe I’m wrong…)

    3 ) Who are the 6 candidates Ilana mentions?

    4 ) Are we ever going to find out why Ilana was so badly bandaged when Jacob appeared to her and asked for her help at the end of Season 5?

    5 ) When Widmore does come ashore, do you think he and Ben will still be enemies? I’m betting that Ben will be a little less concerned with their old power struggle, but I think they’re still going to be opposing one another.

    6 ) Why did Ilana say Jacob was the closest thing she ever had to a father? What’s their history?

    7 )That final scene, when Ben returned to the camp with Ilana and when Jack and Hurley returned with Richard, didn’t it remind you of season 1? With Frank building the fire. And Sun using a tarp to construct a tent? Didn’t it almost feel…normal?

    8 ) I don’t think Eloise is completely out of the picture. But is she in cahoots with Widmore? Will she work against him? Will she lead Desmond (“The island is not finished with you, Desmond”) and Penny to the island? To stand against Widmore?




    17 responses

    10 03 2010
    Todd Hertz

    I’ve answered a few selected questions: 1) Flocke has no interest in recruiting leaders. He is manipulating anyway he can. This was clearly a move meant to kill Ilana.

    3) Wouldn’t the six candidates be: 1) Jack, 2) Hurley, 3) A Kwon, 4) Sawyer, 5) Kate and 6) Sayid? But maybe Ilana is counting six people she has to protect: 1) Jack 2) Hurley 3)Jin 4) Sun, 5) Kate and 6) Sawyer. (This removes Sayid since he’s obviously on Team Flocke. Also, I just saw that Lostpeida says there were three other names not crossed out: Haasra (#56), Grimwault (#57) and Kysea (#60). Is one of these Ilana herself? I don’t think so because she seems to have a defined role.

    4) Indeed. An Ilana-centric ep will come.

    10 03 2010


    I think your six candidates is probably right. But it was strange that she said she didn’t know which Kwon (or both) she should protect. So how does she know it’s definitely 6? And is Sayid still a candidate? Or did she cross him off her mental list when she heard that he killed Dogen and Lennon?

    Also, at the end of Season 5, she thought Frank might be a candidate. And now she knows there are 6, including at least one Kwon. So when did she learn the list? And why did she ever think that Frank might have been one?

    11 03 2010
    Todd Hertz

    Good points. She seems confused by who might be but yet as an exact number. Hmmm.

    10 03 2010
    Todd Hertz

    Okay, I needed to start a new post here to present my GRAND SIDEWAYS THEORY.

    The two storylines we are seeing are actually happening in the same world/reality. But they shouldn’t be.

    For the last 5 seasons, we’ve been watching the events and reality of the Crashed 815 World but, unbeknown to us, this parallel Sideways reality also always existed. It’s a reality of alternate decisions. And there may be many of them (see the TV show Fringe or the “best of all worlds” theory in physics).

    What we are seeing in season 6 is that the island from the Crashed 815 world has been moved–not just in time–but to this other dimension, the Sideways world. This Sideways world is one where Jack has a son, Ben left the island early on, Nadia married Sayid’s brother, etc. It is also where the island was sunk by something unknown. But now, due to either the blast or the manipulations of Jacob or MIB, this world has two islands: one on the bottom of the ocean and a foreign one that has popped over from another reality, our reality.

    Is this what really happened when the island popped away in season 4? It didn’t move just in time…but in space and dimension? And is the Sideways Island sunk BECAUSE this other island arrived in its place?

    So while we are, for all intents and purposes, watching two dimensions–they are currently happening in the same world. So, if Jack left the island right now…he’d find himself on the mainland with a son.

    And I think we will start seeing this come to a head when Widmore steps off that sub and it is NOT the Widmore we know from the Crashed 815 world… He will be a parallel Widmore and he may have a very alive parallel Daniel Faraday with him…

    10 03 2010


    I think your theory is interesting, but are you basing it on something or is it just speculation (not that there’s anything wrong with speculation)?

    For the two worlds to be simultaneous, the Island would have needed to jump to 2004, right? We think the island is in 2007, but we know that Oceanic 815 was in 2004. So even if they’re in the same dimension, there should still be a three-year difference.

    I would very much like to see a living Daniel Faraday.

    But I read somewhere that people think Daniel Faraday is the piano teacher for David, Jack’s son. Because in the past Daniel wanted to play the piano, but Mrs. Hawking told him he had other things to do. (And because David was playing the same song a young Daniel played.)

    I need to give your theory some more thought, but at first glance, I feel like it would tough to reconcile everything if there are two of each of them in the same world. And I don’t really want to see Sideways Jack talking to Island Jack, or Sideways Tycoon Hurley talking to Island “I see dead people” Hurley.

    Okay, I just gave it another moment of thought, and I realized that regardless of what’s happening, it’s going to be tough to reconcile everything. Whether it’s your theory or something else entirely, the writers have a lot of work to do and only a little over half a season left to do it.

    11 03 2010
    Todd Hertz

    A few clarifications:

    1) I didn’t base this theory on any spoilers of future eps or anything if that is what you meant. So you’re safe. But is it JUST speculation? Well, sort of, I guess. But it is based on thinking through some various little pieces like the longtime talk of the island moving, the well-documented focus on mirror images, etc. Also, it comes form thinking about the creators. Lost’s creators also did the new Star Trek and tipped their hand that they were thinking about time travel and whether you can change the future course in the past. Similarly, Fringe deals with parallel universes and one character recently crossed over form our world to a world where 9/11 destroyed the WHite House but not the Twin towers and coffee is rare and every character is just a bit different depending on various “forks in the road.”

    2) If an island is moving dimensions, the time period is really moot. The island could be from a dimension where it is 2007 but land in the other dimension’s 2004. True, this might be stretching. That is probably the one aspect that makes me second guess this theory as to the connection between our island and the parallel world we are seeing.

    3) Sure, Faraday could be a piano teacher or a plumber or a astronaut but still be on that sub. Why? Because he’s traveling with his papa.

    4) If my theory were true, you would not actually have to reconcile their being two of each of them. They don’t on Fringe. Besides, I don’t think the characters will meet. (Except I suspect we could see two John Lockes but that’s different because one is not John Locke.) Also, I think a lot of people are going to start dying. This would reduce us back to one of each. For instance, if Miles from the Sideways mainland shows up it will only b/c the Miles we know has died. This is in line with the physics theory that two things of the same mass cannot exist in the same space (if you’ve seen Fringe, they recently explored this idea.) Besides, the show never really reconciled the idea of Whatever Happened Happened. They kind of just jumped out of it. And so, they’d prolly do the same here.

    5) I admit my sci-fi geek may be going too far here. It’s a reach 🙂 But I desperately want a connection between these two storylines that is not just “magix.” I like the idea that we’re seeing a bizarro world that our heroes crashed into. How do they resolve that? I have NO idea. I guess they turn the wheel and return it… 🙂

    10 03 2010

    Another Question:

    I forgot to list this one before.

    Remember when Michael kept trying unsuccessfully to off himself? And Tom Friendly told him the island wouldn’t let him kill himself…was that because he was a candidate? “Dawson” was one of the names on that lighthouse dial…

    11 03 2010
    Todd Hertz

    I’ve assumed that the case. But what I am struggling to figure out is if being a candidate means you can’t die or Jacobs touch means that–as it did for Alpert. I think I may have misunderstood that bit of dialogue by Alpert. What did you think he was saying was the result of Jacob’s touch?

    11 03 2010


    I guess I was lumping the two (being touched and being a candidate) together since we know that Jacob touched many (if not all) of the candidates. He touched: Sawyer, Locke, Sun and Jin, Kate, Jack, Hurley, and Sayid. And I think Richard was saying that it’s Jacob’s touch that is the gift (even though at the time, Richard was disillusioned, and he called it a curse).

    So if Michael couldn’t kill himself, then I guess Jacob must have touched him at some point, too…? And I don’t remember for sure, but I bet Jacob touched Ilana when he came to visit her. (And he very well could have touched her before that, since she already knew him.)

    You mentioned an Ilana-centric episode. I’ve been waiting 3 years for a Richard-centric episode. I’m still hoping for it.

    11 03 2010

    And now I’m thinking of that scene when Ben enters WIdmore’s room late at night. And Widmore says, “What are you going to do? Kill me?” And Ben says, “We both know I can’t do that…”

    But why? Those touched by Jacob seemingly can’t kill themselves, but are they also prevented from killing others? If so…then why was Ben able to kill Locke? Locke had been touched by Jacob AND he was a candidate. So why couldn’t Ben kill Widmore?

    11 03 2010

    It won’t let me respond to Todd’s clarifications below his post (stupid blog!), but this is a response to his comment clarifying his theory.

    My response to 2) and 3) : The more I’ve thought about it, the more I’d like the year difference to be a factor. That would mean that the events in the Sideways World have 3 years to develop before the characters would potentially impact the on-island world. Meaning the two worlds are in the same dimension (as Todd said), but they’re essentially showing us a flashback in Sideways World. I like that idea because it doesn’t seem like the Sideways characters are in a position to impact anything on-island yet. But in 3 years…who knows?

    My response to 4) I WOULD like to see John Locke addressing Locke Monster. That would be interesting.

    5) I don’t know if you would consider this “magix,” but I suspected that Daniel might be involved in the reconciliation of the two realities. Assuming he still went on to pursue his “time-jumping consciousness” research and he’s not JUST teaching piano to wealthy kids in LA, he might be able to help them jump between the two worlds. Remember how Theresa’s consciousness was jumping between two worlds (or two time periods)? And Daniel left her to go to America? And they never explained that? Well…maybe he left to find a way to fix it. Maybe that’s why he wanted to detonate Jughead. To create an alternate reality in which the characters could live…if they have a constant and if they have the ability to jump between the two worlds. And in the end, maybe they’ll have a choice between which world to inhabit with their consciousness? That sounds really outlandish when it’s written down…but who knows?

    11 03 2010

    I wasn’t quick enough…I had thought about Michael’s suicide attempts while reading your blog, and find you had already had that thought as I read through the comments! How interesting, though still unclear, that Jacob’s touch prevents at least the ability to kill oneself and perhaps to die at all. Still different for Richard was the not aging. And since Locke was killed, perhaps Jacob’s touch just prevents dying before one’s time…

    As far as the 6 candidates, do we really know Kate is one? I didn’t remember if we ever saw her name…

    So refreshing to have an episode with people making positive choices: Sideways Ben being self-sacrificing, Jack being full of faith and lending strength to another, Illana offering forgiveness, Ben on the island seeming to speak honestly. And so lovely to end on the beach where there seems to be forming some unity of purpose (Sun who also wanted to kill Ben at one time allowing him to help her)…and then the sub! Which would have been almost too encouraging of an ending if the face we’d seen had been Desmond! I was not expecting Widmore since he’s had so much trouble finding the island in the past. Good Widmore? I doubt it. Although Ben was as anxious to return Locke to the island as Widmore and we’ve never thought they were on the same side. But I am hopeful that Widmore is not the only one on the way to the island!

    Besides hoping to learn more background on Richard and Illana, I feel there should be more background about Lopidus , but there will not be time for all of our characters to be featured in the short time left to the conclusion.

    Thanks as always for jogging my memory and thoughts in your blog! It helps fill the time while we wait to learn more next Tues. eve! (but cheese curds? I have no memory of that in the episode!) You get the attention to detail award!

    12 03 2010
    Todd Hertz

    While we didn’t see “Austin” in the cave, it was on the wheel. Number 51, I believe…

    11 03 2010

    Oh, and kudos on this blog’s title! It was fun to see history teacher Ben relating to Napoleon…

    13 03 2010

    I liked what my sister had to say about Jacob’s death making his followers question their faith in him. She likened it to the deciples running scared and confused when Jesus died on the Cross. That would make Ben something of a Judas and Richard something of a Thomas or Peter.

    I now feel more certain that Widmore is on the wrong side because Ben said that what he did was for Jacob (and for power) and Widmore was desparately trying to kill him. But that may have been more because Widmore saw that power had become more important to Ben than doing what Jacob wanted. Maybe the motives of his heart had changed.

    16 03 2010


    Another great post… I love this show and this episode is such a great representation of why I love it. I read an article that interviewed Carlton and Damon before season 6 started and they said they that season 6 would be a lot like season 1. I was pleased to read that statement and even happier to watch it unfold each week. Just like you stated in your blog, I loved the ending where Jack, Hurley, and Richard come around corner of the beach and meet up with the group…classic season 1 and I teared up 🙂 But really, how can you not?? The music always helps put me over the edge. I also teared up doing the part where Ilana says she’ll take Ben. I feel like this is the first episode of season 6 that shows someone choosing “good”. The last few episodes… Sawyer, Sayid…. pick evil and finally Ben of all people chose good. It was so great. I also loved the conversation with Jack and Richard with the dynamite. Who would have thought Jack would become such a man of faith? Also, I can’t help but to see parallels to the Bible as I watch each episode (especially this one). Richard reminds me of one of Jesus’ disciples (maybe Thomas). He says, “I devoted my life, longer than you can possibly imagine, in service of a man who told me that everything was happening for a reason, that he had a plan, plan that I was a part of, when the time was right that he’d share it with me, and now that man’s gone…” I feel like this could be the exact words the disciples said to one another in house they were hiding out at right after Jesus’ death. Can you imagine following a guy, listening to a plan, and all of a sudden he’s gone? As I watched this episode, I couldn’t help but to parallel it to the Bible. I love the truths that the writers intentionally or unintentionally place in each episode. Can’t wait for tonight!


    16 03 2010


    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I know this is going to sound generic, but I agree with pretty much everything you wrote. (Except I didn’t tear up.) And I can’t wait for tonight either. In fact, I need to drive home right now to get ready to watch it. I hope you share some more thoughts as the season draws closer to the end…

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