War Comes to the Island (and the reunion that never comes)

31 03 2010

The Lost writers have strung out this Sun/Jin reunion so long that I started thinking I wouldn’t care if they never saw each other again. A couple episodes ago, if Sun had been throttled by the Smoke Monster, or eaten by a hunger-ravaged Vincent (incidentally, is he still on the island?), when she was in the middle of one of her “I want to find my husband!” tirades, I wouldn’t have shed any tears.

But after “The Package,” the writers won me over again with the Jin-and-Sun-still-haven’t-reunited story. Or maybe I should put it this way: they bought themselves a little more time before I lose all interest in this would-be reunion.

In a season where most of us are expecting to be shocked and wowed, where we expect questions answered and mysteries revealed, this episode wasn’t sensational. But if you stop thinking about those mysteries for a moment, and you just sit back and watch “The Package” for the individual episode it is, if you ask me, it was entertaining.

In many ways, this episode felt like season 1 all over again. Sun is only speaking Korean again. She returns to her garden. Sawyer and Kate sit around a fire and talk about “a plan.” Dr. Shephard consults his new patient (Sun), and is it me, or has his bedside manner improved in the last three years? Of course, Sayid is devoid of all emotion, and Claire is still harboring thoughts of killing Kate…so these are new developments. But overall, our Losties are back to square 1: on the island, searching for a way out.

And I’m glad this Kwon-centric episode included a lot of action involving characters other than the estranged lovebirds. Even though the writers did a good job of reviving my interest in these two, they’re still not strong enough to carry a whole episode by themselves (in my opinion). But in the recap, we will start with them…and then we’ll get to Widmore being a…good guy? and the return of Desmond.

Sideways Jin and Sun
In Sideways world the Kwons are, well—they aren’t the Kwons. Jin Kwon was not aboard Oceanic 815 with his wife; he is traveling as the bodyguard for his boss’ daughter. And we learn close to the end, that the whole reason for the trip was, apparently, to put Jin in a position to be killed by the creepy Martin Keamy. And along with the watch, Jin was delivering the blood money himself!

Mr. Paik also cleaned out Sun’s secret bank account, probably to ensure that his daughter would return home even after Jin was executed.

But Mr. Paik’s plan hit a couple of snags. Snag Numero Uno, Jin’s money was confiscated at customs, so Jin was spared until Keamy received his payment. Snag Deux, Sun couldn’t make the payment because her daddy closed her account. And Snag 셋 (that’s “3” in Korean…according to wikipedia): Keamy’s men bit off more than they could chew with Sayid, the mercenary slayer.

After Sayid did most of the dirty work, he left Jin with a knife to cut himself free. When Sun and her translator showed up, they found carnage at the restaurant. (By the way, how’d you like seeing Mikhail as the translator? And did you love it as much as I did when Jin shot him in the eye?)

After killing Mikhail, Jin should have been free to leave with Sun. And he was, I suppose, only Sun had been shot right in the gut…which is all the more frightening since she reveals to Jin that she’s pregnant. (Hurry, Jin, to St. Sebastian’s! Post-haste!)

Locke Monster’s Obstacles
A few episodes ago, the Locke Monster appeared to be in control of everything. Now, he’s got problems all over the place. He went to fetch Sun, and he promised her exactly what she wants: to be reunited with her husband. Instead of taking the bait (which is exactly what I expected her to do), she ran away. Locke Monster ran after her, and even though he had just told Sun he would never ask her to do anything she doesn’t want to do, I thought he was about to break his word…and whack! Instead, Sun broke her face on a tree trunk.

And since no one ever takes a blow to the head without going unconscious in this show (unless it’s the Sawyer/Jack fight scene from last season when they both beat the snot out of each other and then walked away largely unscathed), naturally, Sun got knocked out. And when Ben found her, she woke up speaking Korean.

When Locke Monster returned to his camp (without Sun), he found all his followers unconscious and riddled with darts. Worst of all, Jin is gone. (Wow, just think how irate Sun would have been if she had come with him! I don’t know how she would have managed it, but I think she would have killed Locke Monster herself.)

So he wakes Sayid and they set off for Hydra Island to question the Jin-nappers.

When Locke Monster steps ashore, Sayid is no longer with him. Widmore’s men draw their guns and Locke walks up to the sonar pylons (but not past them) to have this intriguing conversation with Widmore:

Widmore: Do you know who I am?
Locke Monster: Charles Widmore. Do you know who I am?
Widmore: Obviously you’re not John Locke. Everything else I know is a combination of myth, ghost stories, and jungle whispers in the night.
Locke Monster: I think you know more than that judging by these pylons.
Widmore: Why did you come here?
Locke Monster: You took one of my people: Jin Kwon.
Widmore: I have no idea what you’re talking about.
Locke Monster: A wise man once said that war was coming to this island. I think it just got here.

Then they had a staring contest (I’m not sure who won) before Locke Monster finally returned to the main island (without Sayid).

Sayid Feels Nothing
But even though Locke Monster had his obstacles this episode, he had at least one success: He sent Sayid, his secret weapon, to discover what was being kept in the sub’s locked room…and Sayid didn’t even have to swim ashore to find out. He swam up to the dock where he locked eyes with the “package” Widmore sent Zoey to fetch: Desmond. (But more on Desmond soon.)

I don’t know if Sayid’s mission ends there, or not. Maybe he swims back to the main island to report that Desmond was brought on the sub. Or more likely, maybe Locke Monster will have him do some killing first.

But was it just me, or did Sayid’s eyes convey something when he saw Desmond? Was it just a show of recognition? Surprise? Whatever it was, it’s odd coming from a man who said this:

Sayid: When will you be back?
Locke Monster: Morning. Keep an eye on the camp while I’m gone.
Sayid: I can’t feel anything.
Locke Monster: What?
Sayid: Anger, happiness, pain…I don’t feel it anymore.
Locke Monster: Maybe that’s best, Sayid. It’ll help you get through what’s coming…

As the audience, I think we’re supposed to hope that Sayid will be able to start feeling again. Just as we hope that Claire isn’t lost forever. I had started to think that Claire might be changing, but now (with a little urging from Locke Monster) she seems to be considering killing Kate again…

Speaking of Kate
Locke Monster told Claire that her name (Littleton) wasn’t one of the names in the cave. When Claire asked whether Kate’s name was one of them, Locke said, “Not anymore.”

This baffled me completely. I thought the names were crossed out when people died. I know Lost has tricked me before, but I don’t think Kate is dead. How else can a name be crossed off? If they choose to leave the island instead of replacing Jacob? By somehow disqualifying oneself? (How would they do that?)

It’s possible that Locke Monster is lying. Maybe Kate never was a candidate. Then again, maybe she still is, but he wants to keep that a secret. Maybe he knows Kate would choose to stay, to replace Jacob (I don’t know?), and that’s why he doesn’t want anyone to know Kate is a candidate. That would be my guess, but as I said, I’m baffled by this.

Widmore, a Good Guy?
I don’t trust Widmore. And I don’t think I ever will. But it looks like my last theory was incorrect: he’s not in cahoots with Locke Monster. Could he be evil, too? Sure. But at least he doesn’t want to let Locke Monster off the island (assuming he was being honest with Jin, that is).

But before we start thinking Widmore has a noble ambition of some kind, let’s remember how his conversation with Jin began. First, he chastised Zoe for rushing his “timetable,” and he said that this (the Jin-nabbing, I assume) wasn’t supposed to happen for days. Then when Jin is brought to him, Widmore produces Sun’s camera. I’m glad that Jin was able to see the pictures of his baby girl, but this was clearly a manipulative tactic. Especially when Widmore said, “I have a daughter, too. I know what it’s like to be kept apart.” (Bologna! Like you care about your daughter, Widmore!)

Besides, it sounds like Widmore is planning to reunite Jin and Sun with their daughter…off the island.

And isn’t that exactly what Locke wants, too? To get all the candidates off the island?

Zoe, the Geophysicist

Widmore: This wasn’t supposed to happen for days. We had a timetable.
Zoe: He was leaving their camp.
Widmore: Then you should have let him leave and taken him in the jungle.
Zoe: Maybe you should put a mercenary in charge instead of a geophysicist.

So it sounds like many of Widmore’s men are mercenaries. That’s not surprising. What is surprising (to me, anyway), is that Zoe is in charge…and she’s a geophysicist. Why?

Also, we heard her say this:

Jin: What do you want from me?
Zoe (shows him a map): These are good maps that the Dharma people used to identify pockets of electromagnetism. Whoever signed these could really help me out. I know the writing is hard to read, but it looks like Jin-Soo Kwon. So is it you, or isn’t it?
Jin: If you want answers from me, I want to talk to your boss. I want to talk to Charles Widmore.
Zoe: Then you’re in luck, because he wants to talk to you.

So Widmore’s team is interested in pockets of electromagnetism? But why? For what purpose? Whatever the reason, apparently it’s important.

Richard Returns
Richard and Hurley came back to the beach camp, and Richard revealed that they’re going to destroy the plane to prevent Locke Monster from leaving.

It’s good to have Richard back, but I expected him to have a better plan than this. Jacob told Ilana that Richard would know what to do…but Ilana came on that plane. She knows exactly where it is. If the plan is to blow it up to keep Locke Monster from leaving, well, did they really need Richard to figure that out? Hopefully he’ll have some more insights to share along the way…

Jack’s Promise…and How It Will Impact How the Show Ends
After Jack brought Sun a pad of paper so she could communicate in English, the two of them had a heart to heart.

Sun: Sorry.
Jack: Don’t worry about it. You’re not the first person who told me to leave you alone… Locke, what did he say to you?
Sun: He told me he has Jin.
Jack: Why didn’t you go with him?
Sun: I didn’t trust him.
Jack: Do you trust me?
Sun nods.
Jack: Sun, come with me and I’ll help you find Jin. I’ll help you find him, and I’ll help you both get on that plane and as far away from this island as you can get. I promise.

So I’m stepping out on a limb, but I think Jin and Sun will be reunited (eventually)…and then they’ll leave the island to be with their daughter. And knowing Jack’s doggedness, I’m thinking he will be committed to this promise—doing everything in his power to get Sun and Jin off the island.

Meanwhile, if Locke Monster is to be thwarted, one of the candidates needs to stay behind and serve as the New Jacob. Of course, Jack could help Sun and Jin get off the island without leaving with them, but I’ve started thinking that Jack will leave the island.

Because I already have a candidate in mind for Jacob’s job…

Just like Jacob, only…Bigger
That’s right, my prediction is that Hurley will replace Jacob. He’s perfect for the role. He communes with Jacob’s ghost, so that makes him a pretty valuable commodity right there. Plus, everybody likes Hurley. So it’s perfect.

I also have a theory about how the Sideways Reality is going to play into all of this. Basically, I think all the candidates are going to be able to choose whether they want to transfer their consciousness to the other reality. In the other reality, Jack has a son. Sun and Jin are together (and assuming Sun doesn’t die, she might be giving birth to their child soon). Sayid still has a shot with Nadia. Sawyer and Miles are a sweet cop duo, plus he and Kate just met, so they could have each other (or Juliet, or Charlotte, or whoever the writers want to throw Sawyer’s way next).

But in Sideways World, Hurley is “the luckiest guy in the world.” In the words of Ron Burgundy, he’s “kind of a big deal.” That would appeal to most people, but I have a feeling it’s not the life Hurley would choose for himself. He’s come to terms with his ghost-whisperer abilities, and I think he’d be content staying on that island forever (assuming he still has some vats of Dharma mayonnaise and ranch dressing hidden somewhere in that jungle).

So if all the candidates were given a chance to transport their consciousness (a la Desmond in “The Constant,” which is one of the best Lost episodes ever), I think Hurley would be the one to choose to stay on the island. And maybe Kate would, too. But if Locke Monster wasn’t lying to Claire, Kate is no longer a candidate, so maybe her preference doesn’t matter.

Speaking of Transporting One’s Consciousness
I know my theory (stated above) is outlandish. But let’s roll with it for a moment. Who is the only person who has successfully transferred his consciousness between two different times and places? Desmond. And who did Widmore bring to the island in a locked room on the sub? Desmond.

And who is in charge of Widmore’s team? Zoe, a geophysicist. And what is she asking Jin about? The pockets of electromagnetic energy. And in “The Constant,” why did Daniel Faraday think that Desmond’s consciousness was able to travel? Because of his exposure to electromagnetic energy in the hatch.

Did you follow that question and answer session? If I’m right, then all of that points toward Widmore helping the candidates transfer their consciousness off the island and into the other reality. But what does Widmore get out of it? Why does he care so much?

I have no clue.

Desmond’s Back
I really don’t have anything to say about this. But I’m glad to have him back. And I wouldn’t mind a Desmond-centric episode in the coming weeks…


  • I guess I was wrong about Zoe not being important.
  • I love that Mikhail got shot in the eye.
  • I realize it’s part of the story…but everything is so much simpler when Jin and Sun can speak English.
  • Did you notice in the beginning when Widmore’s team was observing Kate and Sawyer, they were also able to hear the dialogue around the campfire? So I guess Widmore has a pretty good idea about what’s going on in Camp Monster, huh?
  • Questions:
    1 ) So is Keamy still alive in Sideways World? Not that it matters…but just wondering.

    2 ) Did Sayid recognize Desmond? Did he feel anything when he saw him?

    3 ) Think Doc Shephard is going to treat Sun’s gunshot wound?

    4 ) So Widmore is…a good guy? (Or is he lying to Jin?)

    5 ) Locke Monster told Claire that he needs Kate because he’s “three people shy of getting off the island.” Who are the three? Jack, Hurley, and Sun?

    6 ) Sayid says he feels nothing. But Claire feels things. It seems like she feels left out. She feels animosity (or maybe jealousy) toward Kate. And she wants to be reunited with Aaron. So why does Sayid feel nothing?

    7 ) At first I assumed this episode was called “The Package” to play on plot elements in both realities. The watch/cash is a package in Sideways World, and Widmore refers to Desmond as “the package” on the island. But why would he call Desmond that? Why “package”? Well, packages are delivered…so is Desmond going to be delivered to someone?




    6 responses

    31 03 2010
    Mary Bellus

    I thought I would HATE this episode because I have gotten sick of Sun doing NOTHING and just being boring, but I was glad to finally see something interesting happen. I was also glad to see Desmond again. I have missed him (and I was glad that he ended up being the one locked in the room, b/c I told Dan it was him and he said, “No way–that room seems too small to hold a man.” So HA-HA, Dan Bellus, I was right.) I’m totally looking forward to a Desmondcentric episode soon.

    Regarding Kate’s or Claire’s name being in the cave, I don’t know if they have to be dead to be crossed out. STRAUME is crossed out, and Miles is still alive, and LINUS is crossed out as well (unless that refers to Roger Workman : )

    I didn’t notice anything different in Sayid’s eyes, but Dan says he totally did. I also didn’t think of Widmore as evil for some reason, but Dan did, so I think I must be totally missing things (or as he says, “maybe you’re just seeing it the way you’re seeing it.” I love him).

    And I TOTALLY agree that Hurley will be the chosen candidate. It’s GOT to be him : )

    1 04 2010

    You LIKE to use ALL CAPS. You’re such a designer…

    1 04 2010

    I think the writers of this show love parallels. I liked the parallel between Locke reaching out his hand for Sun to trust him and she runs away. But at the end of the episode, Jack reaches out his hand and she takes it because she trusts him. It’s small, but I liked how they played on the whole reaching out the hand thing.

    I agree Hurley is going to take over as the candidate. I think Jack is too obvious, Sun is too random, Sawyer doesn’t care enough, Sayid is evil (but I hope so much he changes by the end and yes, I think his looked changed when he say Desmond), and I don’t think Kate is an actual candidate. I think Locke is lying to Claire to keep her under his control.

    I’m not quite sure if Whitmore is good or bad. I feel he’s ambiguous and we won’t know until the very end…or we’ll never know. I wouldn’t be surprised. As of right now, I think he is good, but doesn’t really want to help the survivors of Oceanic 815. I think he’s going to use them to get what he wants (just like everyone who’s had control on the island at some point in time on this show)…something with the electromagnetic energy on the island… and if they live great, but if not, I don’t think he’ll lose sleep over it.

    Can’t wait to see this show wrap up. I’m not quite sure how they are going to bring in all of these loose ends. I actually like your theory about the alternative reality. I think it could be pretty valid.

    1 04 2010

    1. Kate’s name was not written on the wall of the cave, or at least we couldn’t see it, but her name WAS in the lighthouse and it was not crossed out. What this means for Kate’s “candidacy” I’m not sure. I think she will have a role, she’s just not playing for the same prize as the other candidates. Also – Mary is right. Miles was crossed off, as was Linus, as was Juliet (who died after Jacob, so he couldn’t have had time to cross her name off).

    2. I thought what Richard said when he came back to the beach made sense. All Jacob told him was to stop Locke from leaving the island, right? Maybe Ilana didn’t know that they needed to stop him.

    3. I’m feeling torn about Widmore. We only know him to be evil b/c he treated Desmond poorly (but could this be compared to Eloise and Daniel?- he was merely trying to get Desmond on a path he knew he was destined for, not b/c he didn’t like him), hates Ben (do you blame him?), didn’t care if Alex died as a baby, and was rather rash in his youth. Does this mean he’s evil at heart? Or does his scale ultimately tip to good? These are the questions I’ve been wondering about when it comes to Widmore. I think I could believe he’s behind Jacob’s plan (in which case he would care about the candidates), but I ultimately think he has his own agenda in this game and will do whatever it takes at the expense of our losties lives to get it.

    4. I agree about Hurley. He’s the only one that makes sense to me right now if someone HAS to take Jacob’s place.

    1 04 2010


    1) You make a good distinction: that we saw Kate’s name on the lighthouse wheel, not in the cave. As for Mary being right (I never like to admit that)…those names were also listed on the wheel, right? Not in the cave? I think the names in the lighthouse could have just been people Jacob was watching, but that doesn’t mean all of them ending up being “candidates.” As for Juliet’s name, “Burke” could have been her ex-husband, and he would have been crossed off because he got hit by that bus.

    As for not seeing Kate’s name in the cave, I don’t think Locke Monster would have allowed Sawyer to see it even if it was written there. But that’s just a hunch.

    2) You’re right, Richard’s return wasn’t a big disappointment. I was just hoping he was going to reveal some part of island history or take the Losties somewhere special, or do something I wouldn’t have been able to predict. Instead, the plan is a predictable one. The fly in the ointment, however, will be that WIdmore’s men are guarding the plane they want to destroy.

    3) As for Widmore, are you forgetting the freighter and the mercenaries he sent to the island? Anyone who associates with Martin Keamy, if you ask me, is a slimeball. He might not be as evil as Locke Monster, but I think he only has his own interests at heart.

    1 04 2010

    I think we are being shown that the island is important for more than keeping Evil Incarnate corked. The pursuit of the island’s electromagnetic energy shows the island has more than one purpose, and I think it also reveals that Widmore has more than one motive. (By the way, is this sideways Widmore? And if so, can we base what he is like now on what we were shown before? Ditto for Desmond?) I do not think Widmore is evil, just ruthlessly single-minded in pursuing his own purposes–which would make him good or bad depending on if those purposes are good or bad. Obviously, it does not seem “good” to force Desmond somewhere against his will—and yet, weren’t we all glad to see him?!

    I’m fine with Hurley-in-charge communing with the dead Jacob. (Is that Star Wars-like in the way Yoda continued to instruct? I’m not up on S.W. lore.)
    I guess I had been thinking that no matter who’s left in Jacob’s role, some if not all of out beloved characters might opt to stay on in supporting roles. They seem so at home there now…and so connected to each other! Hurley will need someone to help him keep Locke Monster under control! Surely they could make it a better place… (maybe a place we could visit in, oh, say, 10 years from now at a major motion picture theater…)

    Your questions always lead me to more questions…
    #5 So Locke Monster is “3 people short”. What ARE all the rules keeping him from leaving the island? Destroying the plane, but can he take the submarine? Pylons he didn’t cross (but maybe can when he wants?) Does the electromagnetism help him, hurt him or have no effect? Hope that Richard knows the answers to all this!

    #2 Sayid must have recognized Desmond, but did it light a spark of hope and renewal in him? I hope so! I hope the fact that he realized he felt nothing is even a good sign. Poor Claire is not self-aware enough to know how she is being jerked around and controlled by her own emotions and the L.M. It is harder to see hope for her right now…

    #3 Will Jack as a spinal surgeon be called in for Sun, or will they just meet up at the hospital? Where is Doctor _____ (who took care of sideways-Claire, Goodman?, our old buddy Ethan), and could he be called in for the injured while pregnant Sun?

    And as disturbing as it is to have my son say (twice) that he loved seeing someone shot in the eye……I have to admit that your dad and I both laughed out loud when it happened. So we must be equally disturbed?

    DESMOND’S BACK!!!! YEA!!!! (there’s nothing wrong with all caps0

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