Man of the Year

14 04 2010

Buckle up, everybody, because the Lost saga is headed down the backstretch, and it’s going to be a wild and bumpy ride. (You know, kind of like when a car runs over a cripple in a wheelchair.)

Characters are exploding and being thrown down wells. The ghost boy is back agitating Locke Monster again. Hurley is blowing up ancient ships and using deceit to take control (based on advice he’s receiving from Michael’s ghost—who, incidentally, quit yelling at Hurley long enough to explain that he’s stuck on the island because of “what I did” and the whispers are those who, like Michael, “can’t move on”).

“Everybody Loves Hugo” was a whirlwind. And when crap hit the fan (or when pieces of Ilana sprayed our Losties), they needed someone to take control. Richard (who seems a bit frantic, doesn’t he?) wanted to get more dynamite to carry out the original “blow up the plane” plan, but Hurley—sparked by his run-in with Michael’s ghost—had other ideas.

Off the island, Hurley receives the “Man of the Year” award (from the distinguished Dr. Pierre Chang), and on the island, Hurley was the man of the hour. I must say, Hurley continues to surprise me. Remember how freaked out he was when Arzt blew up in front of him? Well, when Ilana ka-blooey-ed herself, he hardly missed a beat before he was going through her things. (Did he pocket her bag containing Jacob’s ashes? Methinks he did…)

Any chance Ilana is an amateur illusionist and this is her disappearing act? I'm betting not.

Speaking of Ilana getting blowed up, I think Ben said exactly what many of us were thinking.

Ben: Kind of makes you think, doesn’t it?
Jack: What’s that?
Ben: Ilana…hand-picked by Jacob, trained to come and protect you candidates…no sooner does she tell you who you are, and she blows up. The island was done with her. Makes me wonder what’s going to happen when it’s done with us.

I feel like the island is already done with Ben, but the writers are keeping him around because he’s too well-liked. Maybe they’ll prove me wrong, but at this point, he’s more of a sidekick with an occasional smart-alecky comment than a major player.

As for Jack, I don’t think the island is done with him. At all. More on him later. Meanwhile…

Sideways World
I’m not going to give Hurley as much time as he deserves. As sweet as his reconnection (and his belated first date) with Libby was, he’s playing second fiddle to Desmond Hume in Sideways World right now.

Desmond Hume has a plan. First, he just so happens to run into Hurley in Mr. Cluck’s. Coincidence? Of course not.

By the time the episode ended, it became obvious that Desmond is working from the Flight 815 manifest—I think. I mean, he clearly singled out Hurley, and then moved on to Locke, right?

But why did he help Hurley “feel it”…and then run over Locke with his car? He’s not working just from the flight manifest; that’s for sure. Because Desmond doesn’t seem like the guy who could run over a cripple with his car (Ben Linus, maybe, but not Desmond). Desmond wouldn’t do it without a really good reason.

I can think of only two really good reasons:

1) He is retaining knowledge from island world and he thinks Locke Monster is Locke…so he thinks he’s taking care of a problem, somehow?

2) He needs Locke to “feel it,” and in order to do that, Locke needs to have a near-death experience (much like Charlie on the plane).

Actually, I can think of one more reason, but I’m saving it for later….

Desmond in the Well
On the island, Desmond goes for a walk with Locke Monster. Locke Monster says, “Do you know who I am?” Desmond’s response: “Course I do. You’re John Locke.”

Does Desmond really believe this, or is he playing dumb? I doubt he’d know that it’s the Smoke Monster (who would assume that, after all?), and we don’t know if he even knew that John Locke died (right?), so he very well could believe it’s Locke. But considering Desmond and John knew each other, their conversation was very strange. Locke was telling Desmond all about the well and who built it…which the real John Locke wouldn’t have had any way of knowing, yet Desmond didn’t question it.

And eventually, they had this exchange:

Locke: Why aren’t you afraid? You’re out in the jungle, with me. Not a person on earth knows you’re here. Why aren’t you afraid?
Desmond: What’s the point of being afraid?

If Desmond really thought Locke Monster was John Locke, then he would have realized that John Locke wouldn’t have asked that question. Because why would Desmond be afraid of being alone with John Locke? No, I think Desmond knew he wasn’t really Locke. And Locke Monster knew that Desmond knew… Furthermore, I think Locke Monster was angry that Desmond wasn’t afraid of him.

And that’s when Desmond learned “the point of being afraid.” Because people who are afraid are wary, and maybe, just maybe, they’ll realize they’re about to get shoved into a “very old” well. And so, down Desmond went.

Before I go on, it’s worth noting that this well is not the same well we’ve seen on the island before. The well John Locke descended in the island’s past is no longer around. The Orchid Station was built over it (and, subsequently, over the frozen donkey wheel that was beneath the original well).

So this is a new island landmark. Whether there’s anything noteworthy down this well, I have no idea (although apparently that spot made compass needles spin years ago, so if I had to guess, I’d say that maybe there’s a pocket of electromagnetism down there…and maybe, just maybe, that’s one of the areas marked on Jin’s Dharma map?).

And while it’s completely irrelevant, this reminded me of my favorite episode of the cartoon Dennis the Menace. You know what I’m talking about, right? It’s the one when Dennis goes down a well in the bucket (a great message for kids, right?) and finds that there are all kinds of tunnels (and people) in the well below. He paddles around in the bucket until eventually, the water rises and he is carried out of the well. What does this have to do with Lost? Oh, I don’t know, absolutely nothing. But I enjoyed the memory and I hoped that maybe, just maybe, one of you remembers that episode as well. No? Okay, moving on…

Hurley, the Reluctant Hero
When Michael’s ghost first appeared to Hurley, he encouraged Hurley to abort the “blow up the plane” plan, saying this:

Michael: …because a lot of people are going to die, and it’s going to be your fault.
Hurley: What?
Michael: Because people are listening to you now.

The old Hurley would have shied away from this kind of responsibility, but Hurley stepped up and took charge. Not only did he blow up the Black Rock (which was crazy), but when Richard wanted to fetch explosives from the Dharma Barracks, Hurley spoke up again—pretending to see Jacob. And so his friends (Jack, Sun, and Frank Lapidus) chose to follow him…right into Locke’s camp.

Yeah, Jacob's right there...

This prompted Sun to write, “Did we make a mistake?”
Frank’s response: “Probably.”

Nevertheless, they followed Hurley, even when he admitted that he didn’t know what he was doing, that he’d made up the whole “Hey look, Jacob’s talking to me” thing.

But how much should we trust Hurley’s talks with the deceased? Before Miles wandered off with Richard and Ben (to retrieve the weapons stored in the Dharma Barracks), he had this conversation with Hurley:

Miles: That happen a lot? Dead people yelling at you?
Hurley: It happens enough.
Miles: And you just listen to what they say?
Hurley: Dead people are more reliable than alive people.

For the first time, this made me question the reliability of these dead people. Maybe Hurley’s right. But maybe not. Maybe blowing up the Black Rock wasn’t in their best interest. And maybe they really should blow up the plane.

At times, Hurley’s ghost friends have been really helpful. Jacob. Richard’s wife, Isabella. But can we trust all the dead people who talk to Hurley? I don’t know.

More on the reunion at Locke Monster’s camp later…

Oh, that smug boy standing in the woods over there? No, just ignore him…
When Locke Monster was escorting Desmond to the well, they both saw the mysterious boy standing in the woods. Only this time, he smiled a smug little smile.

When Desmond asked about him, Locke Monster told him to ignore the boy. Twice.

But Locke Monster looked frustrated, didn’t he?

This is definitely relevant; the writers aren’t just throwing a mysterious boy into the plot for nothing (a mysterious boy who unnerves the otherwise unflappable Locke Monster, no less). But what does it mean?

Here’s my guess:

When the boy first appeared to Locke Monster (and when Locke Monster chased him through the woods), the boy said, “You can’t kill him.” This boy has appeared three times. In all three occasions, Locke Monster was in the jungle with one other person: first Richard, then Sawyer, and now Desmond (all men whom Locke Monster probably would have liked to kill). I think the boy’s appearance was supposed to remind Locke, once again, that he “can’t kill him.”

And that makes sense. Otherwise, why would something capable of morphing into a deadly smoke monster merely push Desmond into the well? If he could kill him, why even walk to the well? Why not maul him and leave him in the jungle? Or maul him and then toss him down the well to hide his body? No, for whatever reason, I think the Locke Monster can’t kill Desmond.

Which means…dun dun dun…Desmond is still alive. Maybe floating like Dennis the Menace among the underground well-people…(Okay, I’ll stop. I promise.)

Anyway, I think Locke Monster was basically hiding Desmond from Widmore. He realized that Desmond is important to Widmore’s plan (as Sayid said, “They kept him under armed guard.”). And to better understand Widmore’s plan, Locke Monster asked Desmond how long he pushed the button in the hatch (in other words: “How long were you exposed to electromagnetism?”). And when Desmond revealed that Widmore zapped him with electromagnetism, Locke Monster asked, “How do you know it was electromagnetism?” Desmond’s priceless response: “Experience.”

So now, Locke Monster seems to know Widmore’s plan…and he’s stolen (and hidden) Widmore’s secret weapon. Advantage: Locke Monster.

Jack and Locke Meet Again
When Hurley led the way into Locke Monster’s camp, Locke received them amiably (or with feigned amiability, more likely)—except for Jack.

Locke said nothing to Sun or Frank, but when he saw Jack, he said, “Hello, Jack.” Which, I just realized, looks harmless when it’s written down. But his face didn’t look harmless. And Jack’s face looked…frightened.

The writers were sending a message here. Even though it was a brief exchange, I’ve been racking my brain over it ever since the episode ended. I can think of three possible explanations:

1 ) Locke Monster has retained certain memories from Locke’s life (this we already know to be true), and so he remembers Jack being his adversary, an opposing force…and he remembers Jack’s harsh words to him in the hospital…or maybe he even remembers the words Jack spoke when he was putting his father’s shoes on Locke’s corpse in the butcher shop in LA.

2 ) Maybe the Smoke Monster (Jacob’s Nemesis, or whatever his name really is) is remembering past experiences with Jack—assuming he’s the one who appeared to Jack as his father.

3 ) Maybe Locke Monster realizes that something’s changed in Jack. The old Jack wouldn’t have waited in the jungle while Hurley (of all people) led the way. And so maybe there was a little surprise (or was it anger?) in Locke Monster’s greeting because he sees that Jack is different.

Those are possible explanations for the Locke Monster’s motives, but I have a different theory about the writers’ motives. Keep reading…

Jack and Locke Will Meet Again…Again (aka My Newest Theory)
Desmond ran Locke over for a reason. I’ve already speculated that Desmond’s plan might have been to make Locke “feel it.” But maybe, he wanted to mangle Locke enough to send him to a certain spinal surgeon at St. Sebastian’s hospital…

That’s right, I think the writers are setting up a Locke/Jack meeting in Sideways World. And because these two men (the Man of Faith and the Man of Science) were such strong oppositional forces on the island, their reunion (in a more meaningful setting than the brief exchange they had at the airport) will help them both “feel it.”

Want further proof that the writers are setting something up? How about this line, spoken to Hurley:

Jack: Ever since Juliet died—ever since I got her killed—all I wanted was to fix it. But I can’t. There’s no way to fix it. You don’t know how hard it is for me to sit back and let other people make decisions. But maybe that’s the point. Maybe I’m supposed to let go.

Jack seems to be at peace with that decision. He’s drawn this conclusion…and after five and a half seasons of observing the Lost writers’ penchant for fostering ambiguity and uncertainty, we can be sure that they would never have a character say anything so definitive unless they’re about to change something.

I think that something is going to happen at St. Sebastian’s. By the way, Jin should be making his way there with a bleeding Sun any minute now…

And so many other Sideways connections are possible. Ben was leaning over Locke’s body, and he could very well choose to ride with him to the hospital. Desmond could follow to observe (like he observed Hurley’s date with Libby—like a stalker), or Desmond could be arrested…by Sawyer and Miles, perhaps. And if he’s arrested, he just might meet up with Kate at the station.

And one last, slightly-related thought: feeling “it” is going to be meaningless, unless the Sideways characters can somehow connect with “it.” Knowing that “it” is real will be useless unless they can somehow alter “it” or reconnect with “it.” Will that happen next week? Probably not, but mark my words, it’s coming.

“See you in another life, brutha…”


  • What an abrupt and unceremonious way to kill off Ilana…but I suppose it was the best way to do it. If her body hadn’t blown up, they would have had to have another beach burial ceremony, and even though I liked Ilana, I didn’t like her enough to waste precious Lost time on that.
  • While we were watching the episode, my wife said, “Why don’t they just have Richard and Jack carry the dynamite, since we know they can’t blow it up?” I liked that. She’s a smart cookie. (Mmmm, cookies…)
  • Of course, now that Sun finally joined up with the Losties in Locke Monster’s camp, Jin is hanging out over on Hydra Island with Widmore’s guys. Figures.
  • Nice to see Pierre Chang, Michael Dawson, and, of course, Libby, making appearances this week.
  • When Kate had a line this week, I was like, “Holy crap, I forgot her character existed!” Seriously.
  • Questions

    1 ) So Charlie feels it. Desmond feels it. Libby’s been feeling it, and now Hurley’s got the vibe, too…but who else? (My money’s on Jack.)

    2 ) What’s going to come of the expedition to the Dharma Barracks? Eventually there has to be a Ben/Widmore showdown, right?

    3 ) Did you notice that Sawyer’s been increasingly disgruntled with Locke Monster in the last few episodes? How long before he decides he’s had enough? Originally Sawyer was Locke Monster’s reconnaissance man…but now that Locke Monster’s been to see Widmore himself (and now that Locke Monster has Sayid), maybe Sawyer is just feeling left out because he realizes he’s not important?

    4 ) Anyone else baffled/intrigued by this:

    Sawyer: Is that gonna be a spear?
    Locke: I’m not sure what it’s going to be yet, James. When the time is right, it’ll tell me.
    Sawyer: You talk to wood now?

    5 ) What was that book among Ilana’s possessions?

    6 ) Now that Desmond’s been thrown into a well, does anyone want to run with a “Desmond is Joseph” theory? Think he’ll dabble in dream interpretation? Eventually, his “brothas” will come to him for help? Has he worn a colorful coat at any point?

    7 ) Is Desmond co-existing in the two realities? We saw him walking around on the island, and we saw him very busy in Sideways world. Obviously, since they’re different realities, there’s no reason to assume there’s any congruence to the timelines (the fact that we’re seeing the events in the same episode doesn’t mean they’re happening simultaneously). So Desmond could still be cognizant in one world while he sleeps in the other…but is it possible that he’s awake simultaneously in both worlds? Is that why he seemed so docile on the island? Because part of his consciousness is at work elsewhere?




    20 responses

    14 04 2010
    JoHannah Reardon

    What did Hurley find in the bag? That seemed to change his attitude. Any thoughts?

    14 04 2010

    I thought that was the bag in which Ilana scooped Jacob’s ashes (and later had Miles touch to divine Jacob’s final living thoughts). Why Jacob’s ashes would change Hurley’s mind, I don’t know.

    Ilana seemed to have a plan to use them for something, but I don’t know how Hurley would know what that was. But if it is Jacob’s ashes, then it looks like they’re still in play, even without Ilana.

    15 04 2010
    Todd Hertz

    Right. It’s Jacob’s ashes and no, Hurely doesn’t know the plan but he did seem to recognize what they were and their importance.

    14 04 2010
    Mary Bellus

    Some random thoughts:

    • I think Desmond knows everything. I think that blast of electromagnetism gave him a glimpse into the future (just like the first time when he knew Charlie had to die, and had visions, etc.). I think this is why he’s so driven and not afraid. I think he knows exactly what’s going to happen and what he has to do.

    • When Desmond hit John Locke with his car and Ben was standing over him, did you notice that Locke kind of made a sudden movement and his eyes got wide for a second– just like when he fell out of the window and Jacob touched his shoulder. I don’t know what that means, but I can’t stop thinking about it.

    • I got the feeling that Hurley was sort of “under the influence” of something (or someone) after he found Jacob’s bag of ash. I don’t know why–he just seemed funny to me, but I might have imagined that.

    • I think Desmond is definitely alive (especially since the preview for next week’s episode showed him alive in the well with Sayid standing over him with a gun). But even without the preview–totally alive. The rules don’t apply to him (and he’s my favorite character, brutha. He must live).

    Well, that’s all I have. I loved that episode. Dan was practicing with his band last night, so this is the first new episode I’ve watched alone, and I was free to screen talk and yell at the TV as much as I wanted. Yep, I definitely yelled this to Flocke at one point: “IF YOU TOUCH A HAIR ON DESMOND’S HEAD, I’LL RIP YOU APART!!!” Then I realized my window was wide open. I’m sure my neighbors think I’m insane.

    14 04 2010


    When I’m trying to transcribe as I watch, I often miss the little visual things (which is one of the reasons I sometimes watch episodes twice). So I didn’t notice two of the things you mentioned: John Locke’s eyes after getting hit by the car, and the way Hurley looked after finding Ilana’s bag.

    Great point about Desmond seeing flashes of the future after his first blast of electromagnetism…I hadn’t thought about that AT ALL. That would explain why he’s acting so tranquil, if he knows what’s going to happen.

    Also, there are a lot of times when I choose not to watch the preview for the next week’s episode, so thanks for ruining everything by telling me what was in it. (But seriously, I don’t care.)

    I love that you are threatening Locke Monster…with your windows open. But knowing you, your neighbors could probably hear you even if your windows were shut.

    P.S. Look at you using bullets? Way to utilize that HTML code…

    14 04 2010
    Mary Bellus

    no html code. just option 8 and I’m sure my neighbors think I’m a loony.

    So i totally forgot two things (here come more bullets):

    • Do you think Desmond hitting Locke with the car was his way of giving him that jolt so he’d feel “it?” (or did you already say that–if so, sorry to repeat). It seems like everyone has needed a jolt of something to make them start to see “it.” (Charlie almost dying, his running Desmond’s car off the pier, Libby kissing Hurley..)

    • The little boy in the jungle: is that the same one Sawyer saw? because it seemed to me that Sawyer’s was blonde and this one had brown hair. Do you think they represent Sawyer and Desmond as children, or maybe even ARE them as children? I don’t know- maybe not (I have no confidence in my own ideas).

    • When Flocke asked Desmond if he knew who he was, and Desmond said “Yeah, you’re John Locke,” and then Flocke gave him that weird look–do you think that maybe the MIB is becoming/will become Locke again somehow? That’s probably dumb (again, no confidence).

    15 04 2010
    Todd Hertz

    I will keep beating my drum: Ghost Boy is Jacob. Just look at him, he was obviously coast to look like the actor. (So maybe he’s a son that Jacob had and MIB killed?)

    I don’t see any connection to MIB “becoming” Locke again. I think Locke thoughts/memories/etc do surface tho… But I *think* Des just really thot this was John.

    15 04 2010

    “option” 8? What is “option”? Some special Mac key that PC users miss out on?

    Well, I’m going to respond to you by using “Shift 8”:

    *Yeah, I thought that might have been why Desmond hit him. In fact, I mentioned it. Thanks for trying to pretend like it was your idea first!

    *I think it’s the same boy. Looked the same to me. The first time we saw him, he had blood on his arms, and my mental image of that version is different…but he was the same boy Locke Monster spoke to in the jungle. I’m certain of that.

    *Interesting thought. I didn’t think that, though. I thought Locke Monster was looking at him like, “Hmmm, do you really believe that?” And then he either thought, “Desmond is lying,” or “This is going to be easier than I thought.”

    15 04 2010
    Todd Hertz

    Ok, some thoughts as I read:

    1) I disagree on Ben. He still has a purpose. We need him to go face-to-face with Widmore. I know it may seem to you like he’s just comic relief but…his arc is not quite complete.

    2) You write: “He just so happens to run into Hurley in Mr. Cluck’s. Coincidence? Of course not. By the time the episode ended, it became obvious that Desmond is working from the Flight 815 manifest—I think. I mean, he clearly singled out Hurley, and then moved on to Locke, right?” Of course. He’s a man with a plan. He’s going one by one and awakening them to the Matrix. And as of now, I think that’s why he did what he did to Locke. HOWEVER, the SW Desmond in that scene mentioned to Ben that he was waiting for HIS SON CHARLIE. Now of course this was just a made-up line to look like he wasn’t a creeper. BUT…how’d single, freewheeling Sieways Des know about his son Charlie? I suspect there is some connection between the two Desmonds as you wonder in your last question. Are their consciences linked? I think so but I don’t know…but something is fishy, brother.

    3) I trust the dead people who talk to Hurley. If they are lying or sometimes lying, sometimes not…that gets way to messy as a screenwriter. Too hard to mop up. I think they are guiding Hurley justly. Maybe at the behest of Jacob. And yes, blowing up the Black Rock was good. Blowing up the plane is not. Think about it: MiB doesn’t need the plane! This isn’t about the plane. He needs all the candidates dead and then he can pop the cork and leave. And not by plane.

    4) Yes, Desmond is still alive. Definitely. He’s special. And you’re right, MIB knew he couldn’t kill him but he had to get rid of him. And yah, I think you and Mary are right: he isn’t afraid because he knows the future. He knew Sayid would take him, he knew about the well, etc.

    5) I’m sticking with my prediction: The ghost boy is Jacob. He looks so much like him! We’ll see this boy and a young MIB in a flashback I reckon. And seeing time period in their lives–with Jacob this age–will be key somehow and that’s why this is what MIB sees to haunt him. OR maybe the ghost boy is Jacob’s son who MIB killed long long ago and is still serving penance for it.

    6) I am still not buying the “everyone is going to meet up in one place” theory for the sideways. But I do like your idea that Locke’s awakening moment is Jack (and visa versa). I always knew they loved each other.

    7) You write: “‘When Kate had a line this week, I was like, “Holy crap, I forgot her character existed!’” You just gave me a glimpse of a better world …one without Kate Austin. 🙂

    8 ) You ask: “So Charlie feels it. Desmond feels it. Libby’s been feeling it, and now Hurley’s got the vibe, too…but who else? (My money’s on Jack.)” Nah. It’s just Daniel, Des, Charlie, Libby and Hurley right now. We may SEE Jack get it…but no. Not yet.

    Lastly, I bet we never hear/see that carved stick again. I think it was just a random useless bit thrown in to give us some color in the Bad Guy Camp. And I love the Joseph connection! 🙂

    15 04 2010

    1) I think we agree on Ben a little more than my recap implied. I think he’ll have at least one more significant scene (i.e. a showdown with Widmore), but for the time being, he’s just sort of a lackey. Which is sad, but understandable. I think Ben will die before it’s over, and I almost hope he does. Even though I like him, I feel like the writers could craft a scenario in which his death will be powerful and poignant, and I want to see it!

    2) I agree Desmond has a plan. I just don’t know how he’s formed it. Just viewing the manifest wouldn’t let him know how to make the Losties “feel it.” So how would he know to run John over with his car? I forgot to mention this in my recap, but on some level, Desmond has almost Matthew Abaddon. (“I get people where they need to go, Mr. Locke. That is what I do for Mr. Widmore.”)

    3) I WANT to trust the dead people who talk to Hurley. But if the smoke monster previously appeared to people in the form of dead people (Christian Shephard, Yemi, etc.), then it seems like he might be able to deceive Hurley, as well. I don’t THINK it’s happened yet, but I want to be wary of it, and I don’t want Hurley to be too trusting of these ghosts.

    As for blowing up the plane, Richard seemed to think that was the way to keep Locke Monster from leaving. And Richard is the only one who knows Locke Monster’s history…so maybe the plane really is relevant?? After all, Widmore’s team surrounded it with their sonar pylons. That seemed pretty intentional.

    5) I’ll buy your “ghost boy is Jacob” theory. Because it’s pretty late to introduce a new character, and it seems pretty likely. But is it a ghost of Jacob? Sawyer and Desmond both saw it, and when Hurley sees ghosts, he’s the only one…so is there any chance this boy is a real, breathing entity?

    6) They might not ALL meet up, but the writers have been having fun so far, having many of them cross paths. So we’re definitely going to see more intersections in Sideways World. They might not NEED to all meet up, but I think that’s what I want to see because I feel like they’re all in this together, so they need to work together to resolve things. (“Live together. Die alone.”)

    7) I’ve always liked Kate, and I always thought she was really important. Looks like it’s about time I admit I was wrong. Maybe they had bigger plans for her, but she was just too busy doing her stupid hair commercials…

    8 ) Jack might not feel it yet, but I think he’s the one who’s had glimpses. Remember the nick on his neck (try saying that fast) on the plane? And the appendix scar which prompted him to ask his mom when his appendix was removed? Prior to “Happily Ever After,” it seemed like Jack was the only character who had experienced any memories (fleeting as they may have been) from the island. So I don’t think he’s far from feeling it.

    15 04 2010
    Todd Hertz

    Ah, yah. I get ya now. Jack is having vague feelings of weirdness, that’s true.

    And yes, I know you like Kate. I think she is just as important as any other castaway.

    18 04 2010
    Todd Hertz

    I just thot about your “pylons around the plane” comment. Were the pylons around the plane? Or around the perimeter of Hydra Island to keep Skokey off? That was my impression. I guess my point is this: If a giant smoke monster with all kinds of powers has to take a plane like some tourist, I will be dissapointed. (Does he have to pay extra to check bags?) I don’t think it is a bout a plane or a group to leave with at all. He is just manipulating pieces to where he needs them to pop the cork. And when he does, no plane is needed. He’s free.

    19 04 2010

    It was this image that gave me the impression that the pylons were around the plane:

    But maybe they are just around Hydra Island; I don’t know. I admit, I don’t like thinking that the Smoke Monster needs a plane, either. But Jacob told Ilana that Richard would know what to do. And Richard says, “Blow up the plane!” So that makes me think that might be what really needs to happen.

    If Locke Monster can’t kill the candidates, then maybe he just needs them to all agree to leave the island with him (on the plane?). You’re definitely right about him wanting to “pop the cork.” And I would prefer it if the plane had nothing to do with his plan, but I still think it might be necessary…for something.

    15 04 2010

    Ok, there was too much to read before lost lunch so I’m just going to start my comments and read later….

    1. the boy in the jungle – did he look older to you this time? He showed up right after Hurley blew up the ship ( a game changer). Is the boy some sort of go-between? Jacob’s team made a move and he was showing up to Flocke to let him know…

    2. Flocke seeing Jack arrive at the camp. I think Flocke’s face represented the importance of Jack in the game. He’s the key, and if he’s not with him he’s going to be bad bad news for Flocke.

    that’s all I have time for right now!

    15 04 2010

    I wish I could go to Lost lunch…

    18 04 2010
    Todd Hertz

    Yah, Lindsey. He certainly looked older…and they darkened his hair a bit (maybe to make him look older?)

    Also, did the Lost Lunch crew discuss SW Desmond telling SW Ben that he had a son named CHARLIE. That certainly indicated an awareness of the “other side.”

    19 04 2010
    Todd Hertz

    For discussion:

    So I’ve thot Jeff Jensen has been crazy lately (Locke Monster is really Locke and the MIB is inside Lapidus??? WHA??) but I like a new bit he wrote on Friday. Since we’ve been talking about the kid, I thought I’d share:

    “I didn’t think this ghost kid was a different ghost kid from the one FLocke and Sawyer saw in ”The Substitute.” I thought it was the same ghost kid, but older. My theory is that the ghost kid is Jacob, and that he is changing and growing rapidly on the Island and that when he reaches adulthood Jacob will become incarnate again. The ghost kid then is a kind of ticking clock for FLocke; I think he has to accomplish whatever it is he needs to accomplish before Jacob is restored to power.”

    19 04 2010

    I saw that scene, when Desmond said his son’s name was Charlie, completely differently. Dr. Linus was asking him his son’s name, and I think he just said the first name that came to mind. (And he has just recently met Charlie Pace, after all.) I’d like to think he’s in touch with his other reality, but this scene reminded me more of the scene in the hospital when Sideways Claire referred to her baby as “Aaron” and then admitted that she didn’t know what made her say that…

    As for that Doc Jensen quote, Todd…I like it. In fact, last year after the finale, during our Lost Lunch, I feel like we talked about Jacob potentially being like a Phoenix (though I don’t remember why). And a Phoenix can supposedly rise out of the ashes and be born again…so without remembering why that connection was made (something about Jacob’s tapestry, maybe?), I’ve sort of been harboring that belief all year that Jacob will emerge again. Even though it doesn’t make sense, if the candidates are really supposed to “replace” him…but yeah, I like the idea that the kid is Jacob re-emerging and him getting older represents a “ticking clock” for Locke Monster.

    15 04 2010

    Okay, here’s what I think about why Desmond hit John Locke with his car. I don’t think he was trying to kill him. I think he was trying to “send” John Locke’s consciousness/soul/whatever into his body on the Island. And maybe in doing so, that’ll push Smokey out of John Locke’s body.

    16 04 2010
    Mary Bellus

    But Tyler, this is sort of LIKE a Lost Lunch! Look, there’s you, JoHannah, Todd, Lindsey, Rachel, and me! So don’t mope.

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