The Best of Times

19 05 2010

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us…”

The classic beginning of A Tale of Two Cities (written, of course, by Charles Dickens, Desmond Hume’s favorite author)…and yet I think these words apply to where we find ourselves right now. Not just in Sideways World and on the island, but also for us—the fans. For us, it’s the best of times and the worst of times. We have everything before us—and nothing before us.

This is the last week of speculating, the last week of theorizing, the last week of agonizing. And we’re all going to miss it. We are. Even if we absolutely love how the show concludes (and let’s be honest, chances are, there will be many unsatisfied fans no matter which direction the writers choose to go), we’re still going to miss this tantalizing feeling of uncertainty.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. We still have one episode remaining (it’s airing on Sunday, in case any of you missed all of ABC’s promos), so that means there’s still drama to dissect and theories to develop. So let’s get to it.

Savoring the Moments
Before I get to all the drama, this episode contained a lot of nice scenes. Not epic scenes. Not earth-shattering scenes. Just a lot of instances of our characters being themselves, being together. In Sideways World, Jack, David, and Claire share cereal for breakfast. On the island, Jack sews up Kate’s wound (which hearkens back to “The Pilot”). Jack, Hurley, Sawyer, and Kate stand in silent mourning as they looked out over the wreckage from the sunken sub. Jack assures Sawyer that it’s Locke Monster, not Sawyer, who is responsible for the deaths of their friends.

And we heard hilarious lines from Miles and Hurley.

Miles: “What’s that? A secret-er door?”

Hurley: “Did you see a kid run by here with your ashes?”

And the writers managed to give us these meaningful (and amusing) nuggets while moving their pieces (our characters) into place for the finale. Over all, I think “What They Died For” was a successful lead-in to the finale.

Synergy in Sideways World
This week’s Sideways storyline was exceptional. This late in the series, I expected the island to attract my attention, and yet I was engrossed by the developments in Sideways World.

Desmond is the puppet master. He calls Jack pretending to be Oceanic, he punches Ben (excuse me, I mean Dr. Linus) until he “feels it,” he turns himself in (to Sawyer), he gets locked up (next to Sayid and Kate), and then he orchestrates an escape (with the help of money-hungry cop, Ana Lucia…and his partner in crime, Hugo Reyes).

While Desmond was working all this magic, we got hints about where all this is headed. The biggest hint came from Hurley:

Hurley: You didn’t tell me Ana Lucia was going to be here.
Ana Lucia: Do I know you, Tubby?
Hurley: I’m sorry, we haven’t met.

And then, after Ana Lucia takes Hurley’s money and says, “Nice not knowing you,” there’s this:

Hurley: She’s not coming with us?
Desmond: She’s not ready yet.

This tells us that Hurley remembers people from the island. Hurley knows. Which confirms our suspicions that Desmond hasn’t just been working from the Flight 815 manifest; he remembers.

I would suggest that they’re not just chasing glimpses of past memories; they’re tuned in to the other reality.

Which means…the Sideways storyline is building toward something. If they can all get tuned in to those memories, aware of that reality—well, I don’t know what will happen then. But I have a feeling Desmond knows.

Oh yeah, and I almost forgot: Locke (after talking to Dr. Linus) decided he wants Jack to fix him after all. (“I think I’m ready to get out of this chair.”) Doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of time left for this sub-plot, but we’ll see…

In Case You Forgot: Ben Really Hates Widmore
Remember earlier this season when we all celebrated the redemption of Benjamin Linus. Well, he might not be as redeemed as we thought he was…

Yeah, we got our Ben/Widmore reunion. And there was nothing happy about it. Nothing happy at all.

In the Sideways storyline, Dr. Linus joined his favorite student and her mother (Hello, Rousseau) for dinner. Rousseau was not only openly flirting with her houseguest, but she also shared that Ben was the closest thing Alex ever had to a father.

At first I thought the writers included this to illustrate once again that the characters are different in Sideways World. But after further review, I think they were doing something else. I think they were setting up the scene inside Ben’s closet. I think this is also why Miles got a “wonky” vibe from Alex’s dead body, which we learned was buried by Richard.

All of this was to remind us that Ben is still very angry about Alex’s death. And for that, he blames Widmore.

And that’s why he led Locke Monster into his secret closet. Where Locke would slit Zoe’s throat and broker a deal with Widmore. The deal: tell me why you’re here and I won’t kill Penny when I leave this island.

Charles agrees to tell Locke Monster about his plan, involving Desmond Hume and his unique resistance to electromagnetism. So when Charles refuses to say any more in front of Ben, Locke Monster asks him to whisper.

And as he’s whispering, we hear a gunshot. Pan over to reveal Ben with a gun. Another shot. Another.

And just like that, Widmore’s dead.

Ben: He doesn’t get to save his daughter.
Locke: Ben, you never cease to amaze me. Fortunately, he had already told me what I needed to know. So no harm done.
Ben: Good. Didn’t you say there were some other people I needed to kill?

If you’re like me, it was at this point (if not sooner) that you started wondering what’s going on with Benjamin Linus.

I guess it’s fitting that, as this show draws closer to the end, Ben is still as unpredictable as ever. But I think many of us enjoyed his tale of redemption. And this isn’t how we expected it to go. (Am I right?)

We Need to Find Desmond…Oh Wait, Is That a Campfire?
The foursome of Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley were hiking across the island, searching for Desmond’s well—just as we expected—when their journey was interrupted by…little boy Jacob. Boy Jacob came to steal the ashes of dead man Jacob, and when he did, Hurley gave chase.

When Hurley caught up, Jacob looked like a man again. And his ashes are burning (who burns ashes?) in a fire (“…and when it burns out, you’ll never see me again.”)

So our foursome totally abandons their Find Desmond plan (and never refer to it again). And I suppose I don’t blame them. After all, when the deposed island deity (who, as it turns out, was never a deity at all) finally agrees to provide some answers, who wouldn’t pop a squat at the campfire with him?

We’ll come back to this campfire scene very soon…

As for Desmond, at the end of the episode, Locke Monster and Ben arrived at the well to find that Desmond had escaped:

Ben: You thirsty?
Locke: This is the well I threw Desmond Hume into?
Ben: What’s a matter?
Locke: I sent Sayid to kill Desmond. Obviously, he didn’t.
Ben: It looks like someone helped him out.
Locke: No, Ben, someone helped me out…
Ben: What did Widmore say to you?
Locke: He said Desmond was a fail-safe. Jacob’s last resort in case God forbid I managed to kill his beloved candidates. One final way to make sure I never leave this place.
Ben: Then why are you happy that he’s still alive?
Locke: Because I’m going to find Desmond and when I do, he’s going to help me do the one thing I could never do myself. I’m going to destroy the island…

And this is when the oh-so familiar white-lettered LOST popped onto our screen…

Maybe you didn’t catch the mixed messages Locke Monster is sending, but I sure hope Ben did. At the very end of the episode, Locke Monster said he’s going to destroy the island. But earlier:

Locke: I need you to kill some people for me, Ben.
Ben: And why would I do that?
Locke: Because once I leave this island, you can have it all to yourself.

So Locke Monster is promising to leave Ben all alone on the island he’s going to blow up. I don’t know what Ben’s going to do, but if I were him, I’d take my chances with just about any plan other than this one. I’m just saying…

What Jacob Says (and What He Didn’t Say)
Back at the campfire, Jacob is telling our foursome why he brought them to the island.

Jacob says our Losties are on the island because he made a mistake. His mistake: accidentally creating Sir-Smokes-A-Lot.

He admits that he knew Sir Smokiness would kill him eventually, and that’s why he needed candidates. That’s why he brought them to the island.

Sawyer: Tell me something, Jacob. Why do I have to be punished for your mistake? I was doing just fine until you dragged my ass to this damned rock.
Jacob: No you weren’t. None of you were. I didn’t pluck any of you out of a happy existence. You were all flawed. I chose you because you were like me. You were all alone. You were all looking for something that you couldn’t find out there. I chose you because you needed this place as much as it needed you.
Kate: Why did you cross my name off of your wall?
Jacob: Because you became a mother. But it’s just a line of chalk in a cave. The job is yours if you want it, Kate.

Jacob’s answer highlighted only their flaws—and the fact that they were alone and looking for something. But didn’t he also choose them because of their “goodness”? Because of their potential for good, at least? Of all the flawed people in the world, of all the people who are searching for something, I would have liked to think something set our characters apart. Something made them, dare I say, “special.” Or “worthy.”

But Jacob didn’t say anything about their positive attributes. I don’t know why, but I thought that was odd. (I guess I’ll just write it off as a result of his upbringing. His mom praised Brother’s ability to deceive. So if he grew up in a, uh, cavehold(?) where negative characteristics were lauded, maybe Jacob thought he was being complimentary here…)

At this moment, I wasn’t sure who was going to step up. Jack? Kate? Hurley? I didn’t know, but I was fairly certain it wouldn’t be sulky Sawyer.

Jack: I’ll do it. This is why I’m here. This is what I’m supposed to do.
Jacob: Is that a question, Jack?
Jack: No.
Jacob: Good. Then it’s time.

Jack Drinks the Kool-Aid
Well, it turns out the “Kool-Aid” can be just plain ol’ island water. The real magic, apparently, is in the incantation.

Jack: How long am I going to have to do this job?
Jacob: As long as you can.

Jack nods and drinks…

Jacob: Now you’re like me.

The beauty of this scene, if you ask me, is the subtle way the writers handled it. Obviously it mirrors the transfer of power we saw in the previous episode (from Mother to Jacob), but the writers didn’t glamorize it too much. And rightfully so. Jack isn’t Aragorn assuming the throne of Gondor (if this Lord of the Rings reference is lost on you, then I have a suggestion for how you can fill the Tuesday evening void in the weeks to come…)

It was beautifully downplayed. And if you ask me, these lines were crucial:

Sawyer: I thought that guy had a God complex before.
Kate: James…
Sawyer: Yeah, I know.
Hurley: I’m just glad it’s not me.

It’s like the perfect recipe for a successful scene. One part consternation/sarcasm from Sawyer, a bit of levity from Kate, and a dash of humor from Hurley.

It might seem insignificant, but these lines make Jack’s acceptance more understated. More believable (as if any of this is truly believable). And it also shows that his friends, each in his or her own way, are behind him.

Jacob tells Jack about how to find the light past the bamboo (where Jack woke upon first arriving on the island). This, he tells him, is where Locke Monster is trying to go, too.

Your Mission, If You Choose to Accept It, is to Kill The Thing that You May or May Not be Able to Kill
I glossed over this before, but when Jacob was explaining the job of island protector, he said all this:

Jacob: There’s a light at the center of the island. You have to make sure it never goes out. That’s how you protect it.
Sawyer: Your monster friend said there’s nothing to protect it from.
Jacob: You have to protect it from him. You must do what I couldn’t. What I wasn’t able to do.
Jack: You want us to kill him…Is that even possible?
Jacob: I hope so, because he is certainly going to try to kill you…

It’s like those commercials that say “Sometimes ‘Probably’ Isn’t good enough.” I don’t know what those commercials advertise, but it’s kind of like that:

Jack: Can he be killed?
Jacob: Um, probably?

Yeah, sign me up for that.

Hopefully Jack will have a little more luck than our friends on the other side of the island were having…

Richard Gets Smoked (a.k.a. The Worst Plan Ever)
A sinister smoke monster is coming to kill you…quick, what do you do?

A) Hide in a Closet
B) Go Outside and Wait for Him
C) Run, Run, Run! (Why aren’t you running yet?)

If you chose A, you’re dead. If you chose B, oops, you’re a moron (and also dead). If you chose C, like our friend Miles Straume, then ding-ding-ding, you’re still alive. For now.

To be fair, Plan A, though it’s not going to win you any style points, could have worked. Had it not been for Benjamin Linus leading the Smoke Monster to the hiding place (and had it not been for Benjamin Linus murdering the one hider who the Locke Monster might have spared…).

Looks like he's flying (but alive?) here...

But Richard’s plan…to stand outside and wait for him…well, that proved to be the most ill-advised. (And that’s putting it nicely.)

But is Richard dead? At first I thought so, but now I’m not sure. I thought boy Jacob had appeared to Smoke Monster when he was alone with Richard because he was reminding him that he couldn’t kill him (I know he specifically said this to Locke Monster when he was with Sawyer). So either: 1) he was never prohibited or prevented from killing Richard…and now Richard’s dead, 2) He was prohibited from killing Richard…and so Richard still isn’t dead, 3) He was prohibited from killing Richard, but he can now…and he did, or 4) He was prohibited from killing Richard, but now he’s breaking “the rules.”

Option 4 is too messy. Option 3 is messy, as well. So I’m opting for one of the first two. And I’m wondering if he just carried Richard out of the picture (threw him in another well, maybe?) so he could manipulate Ben.

If Richard really is dead, then I’m disappointed. Not devastated, but disappointed. It was one thing to off Ilana suddenly like that, but I would have liked Richard’s demise to be a little less brusque.

Widmore Revisited
Charles, I apologize. I misjudged you. I was wrong about you all along. I know you’re not alive to hear this now, but I’m terribly sorry.

Yep, it looks like Widmore was a good guy… Who knew? (Then again, maybe I’m being too flippant with the “good” adjective. I suppose I should say that he was a “Jacob” guy.)

According to Widmore, Jacob appeared to him after the freighter blew up, and Jacob helped him see “the error of his ways.”

Sure, he could have been lying. But of the two men, Ben and Widmore, Ben was clearly the more despicable of the two. Widmore, it seems, may have really been carrying out Jacob’s wishes.

And Then There Were…9?
At this point, I’m assuming Richard is dead. The deaths of Zoe and Widmore remove everyone of consequence from Widmore’s team. I suppose some survivors could still be chilling on Hydra Island, but we don’t care about them.

So by my count, we’re down to 9 people:

At the well:
Locke Monster

With Jacob (until the ashes burn up completely):

Running around the island somewhere:

Potentially running around the island somewhere:

Doing who knows what:
Claire (You almost forgot about her, didn’t you?)

Sideways World Builds to a Crescendo (and yes, that’s a pun)
At the end of the episode, Desmond said he was taking Kate to a concert. Do we think this is the same concert where David will be playing? The same concert that will be attended by Jack, David’s mom (whoever she is), and probably Claire? The same concert that Miles is attending? And Charlotte? And Miles’ daddy, Pierre Chang? Well, it’s either that or U2…but my money is on the former.

And who knows, maybe Sawyer will change his mind and agree to be Miles’ date after all…

As for where Hurley is taking Sayid, I’m betting it’ll be the spot where Nadia died in the original timeline—the street corner where she was hit by a car. After Hurley helps Sayid feel it, then maybe they’ll bounce on over to the concert, too?

What Happens Next?
Heading into the conclusion, I feel like I should have a theory to put forth. Maybe not a great one, but something to offer…and I don’t. I don’t have any idea. I have a few expectations, but they don’t fit together in a coherent stream of events. Nor do I have an idea about how it will all tie together. But I feel obligated to write something here, so…here are my best guesses:

On Sunday night, we’re going to see more death. I’m fairly certain of that.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Jack inaugurates some of his friends as fellow protectors (“Live together, die alone.”). I’m not saying it will happen. Just saying I wouldn’t be surprised.

I also wouldn’t be surprised if Jack died. And if he doesn’t inaugurate his friends, and just one protector needs to replace him, my money is still on Hurley.

I think Desmond will go down the light tunnel. (What happens then? I have no idea.)

Most likely characters to die: Ben, Miles, Jack, Sawyer (in that order, I think).

The plane will be flown by someone. (Or blown up. Either way.)

Jack will use the words, “It’s the only way.” or perhaps, “We don’t have a choice.”

No matter what happens, Hurley lives. (No one wants to see a Hurley death scene. Ever.)


  • Jack really needs to stop shaving in his sleep.
  • Looks like they’re not going to blow up that plane after all…
  • In response to Miles’ question about Ben’s “secret-er” room, Ben says, “That’s where I was told I could summon the monster. That’s before I realized it was summoning me.” Interesting…
  • A very un-Kate thing to say:

    Kate: Locke did this to them. We have to kill him, Jack.
    Jack: I know.

  • Shouldn’t Kate be wondering where Claire is? (That’s like all she’s done for the last year. So why didn’t she mention her at all here?)
  • If you fast-forwarded through the commercials, but you DVR-ed the episode, go to the 26 minute-mark to watch the KIA award-winning fan promo. It’s well done.
  • Questions:

    1) So now that Sun and Jin are dead on the island, did we just abandon them in Sideways World? (Sayid’s still in the picture over there…)

    2) On the island, Ben demanded the walkie-talkies from Zoe and Widmore. When Widmore asked why, Ben said, “Because I asked.” Then he gave one to Miles (and kept the other one) and said, “In case I need you.” What’s that all about? (This isn’t a question I expect an answer to as much as I wanted you to remember it heading into Sunday.)

    3) Remember that scene in Widmore’s bedroom when Charles asked Ben if he had come to kill him and Ben said, “We both know I can’t do that”…? What was stopping him then? And why didn’t it stop him now?

    4) Where is Claire?

    5) Where is Desmond? And who helped him out of the well? (if Sayid had done it, he wouldn’t have told Jack Desmond was still in the well, so my guess is…wait for it…Rose and Bernard. Don’t they make an appearance in every season finale?)

    6) Who is David’s mother? Sarah (Jack’s ex-wife in the original reality)? Juliet? Penny? (I think we’ll recognize her, whoever she is, since Jack was asking David if she’ll be at the concert.)

    7) What’s Miles going to do? And are the writers keeping him alive for a reason?

    8 ) I feel like this one is important: Why did Desmond call Jack pretending to be Oceanic Airlines? By the end of the episode, this hadn’t come into play at all. But Desmond clearly has a plan, so what’s his plan here? Why did he want Jack to believe the airline had found his father’s coffin?

    9) Does Ben still have that C4 in his bag? (Methinks he does. And no respectable TV series can end with an unused stash of explosives…) So what’s he going to do with it? Blow up the plane? Blow up the island?

    10) In the season premiere we saw that, in Sideways World, the island was under water. Is that going to come into play in the finale?

    11) Now that Jack drank the Kool-Aid, does that mean that the other candidates are no longer candidates? In other words, are they vulnerable to Locke Monster now?

    Bonus Question: Are there certain things that you absolutely want answered in the finale? What?




    3 responses

    19 05 2010

    Great! (What is: this episode, the fan promo and expectations for the finale!) (Great Expectations–another Dickens reference for you!)

    Didn’t forsee meeting up at a concert! The one Daniel was planning that was to include Charlie’s band? or has too much time passed for that?

    Your list of 9 on the island made me wonder if Lopedis survived/escaped the sub or not. I don’t think we were shown anything definitive on that. Also, I am leaning toward the belief (you mentioned this possibility) that Richard was removed and “stored” somewhere rather than killed–but, we’ll see! Liked your point about Rose & Bernard possibly rescuing Desmond, and I suppose it could have been Claire, if Locke sent her and is playing games with Ben. I kept waiting for Locke to knock Ben in, but I guess he has more people for him to kill… (did it seem odd the well was full of water when it had seemed to have a dry bottom when Desmond landed?)

    I really liked the campfire moment when Jacob doused them all with the reality that their lives were pretty messed up before they came to the island–something they always seem to forget in their desire to get off the island. That is the big difference in Jack this time–he is calm and sure that he is where he should be–and now he knows what his purpose is for being there. I liked how you described his accepting the job as understated. (Nance and I had been talking about it and wondered if the easy transition was setting us up for things to change drastically next week…) It seems whoever takes on this job does so without a very clear job description! “Do the impossible for as long as you can”?

    If Hurley and Miles remain, won’t all the dead people still have a chance to communicate with them? Jacob, too?

    Locke Monster reminded us that he is no longer human and is enjoying having a body again. Wasn’t he back in his own body for awhile while interacting with Jacob? And the other people he impersonated? How do you kill something that is inhuman and already dead? I was surprised that is the solution they are considering, rather than containing the evil with the whole island-as-cork theory. Doesn’t this mean they can stop protecting the island if they succeed? At least Locke Monster is all Jacob mentioned they needed to protect it from. His mother mentioned guarding it so no one can enter. (I could see someone deciding to send Ben off to that fate “worse than death”!)

    I hope they answer more fully what the purpose of the island continues to be for the world, and why it is necessary to keep Locke Monster there–or to kill him if that is indeed possible.

    I also hope they answer how sideways world fits in to the story and why it is important to get them all back to the island reality–especially since some of them seem better off in the sideways world.

    It would be a nice ending that they could solve the island problem permanently in a way that allows them an improved off-island life–but I don’t see a pretty ending all wrapped up with a bow coming! I just hope it will be a satisfactory ending with a little hope for the ones we love most who are still in the picture! I think it will end up to be true, as Jacob said, and Mother before him, that “they” continue to come and fight and kill. (paraphrased, I know) So, my best guess is they will somehow win the battle and solve the problem of Locke Monster, only to realize as the series ends that a new threat is looming! (so they will be a little band of protectors together!)
    Did I mention Ben floating down the river to smoke-monster-dom?!

    My favorite Miles moment was when he told Ben he’d come to the island/Dharmaville before him…”thirty years ago, which means last week”!!
    They need to keep Miles around!

    19 05 2010

    I meant to comment on your concern that Jacob focused on the negatives. I guess I just thought it was implied that they had the needed skills for the job, but that he was not stealing people of talent away from their real lives. I’m surprised it didn’t focus more on purpose and fate since those themes have been in place all along and Jack is now so tuned in to them.

    But since you brought it up, I am now wishing they had presented the warmer Jacob whom we saw appear to them and touch them in the past. It would have been nice to hear him comment on what makes each of them special. They have earned it with all they’ve been through!

    20 05 2010
    Todd Hertz

    Good wrap-up, Tyler. And as the Joker said, “Here. We. Go.”

    You wrote: “I guess it’s fitting that, as this show draws closer to the end, Ben is still as unpredictable as ever. But I think many of us enjoyed his tale of redemption. And this isn’t how we expected it to go.”
    –I agree. I was surprised. But I don’t think this is the end for Ben. I think he has a plan up his sleeve and is in no way “trusting” of Locke. Ben goes with his best odds for survival at any given time. Good catch on the “you can have the island…wai, nope, I am blowing it up” contradiction by Fake Locke. Ben is totally going to use Fake Locke to get what Ben wants. So what is that plan? It will def. tie into that walkie talkie with Miles. How? I don’t know!

    You wrote: “If Richard really is dead, then I’m disappointed. Not devastated, but disappointed. It was one thing to off Ilana suddenly like that, but I would have liked Richard’s demise to be a little less brusque.”
    –I didn’t mind the suddenness of it. BUT what bothers me is that it would mean Richard was right: He trusted Jacob for nothing. He really didn’t have a plan that involved Richard in the end because Richard contributed NOTHING. Of course, in the grand scheme, Richard did have a part: He was the rep to the men of the island…but…still his death leaves things feeling a bit Ecclesiastical. That is…IF he is dead.

    Your death pool: Ben, Miles, Jack, Sawyer (in that order, I think).
    Mine: Fake Locke, Ben, Miles, Kate, Sawyer

    Your Prediction: The plane will be flown by someone.
    My prediction: The plan is irrelevant now. The big idea is not to get off the island now. It is to protect it. Maybe Kate, Claire and Hurley and such do use it to get off but I don’t think that’s the end game anymore. I think travel now will be more metaphysical…flashing form one place(OR WORLD?) to another…

    3) Remember that scene in Widmore’s bedroom when Charles asked Ben if he had come to kill him and Ben said, “We both know I can’t do that”…? What was stopping him then? And why didn’t it stop him now?

    4) Where is Claire?
    –Interestingly, she was in the original script for this ep. Fake Locke tried to get HER to go kill the remaining the 4 candidates. And she wouldn’t. So she’s around and me thinks she’s growing less crazy. She just watched her “friend” try to kill everyone she knows. I think she’s gonna have a role to play for Team Jacob. And I think she’s already played a role…and it’s the answer to question #5.

    5) Where is Desmond? And who helped him out of the well? (if Sayid had done it, he wouldn’t have told Jack Desmond was still in the well, so my guess is…wait for it…Rose and Bernard. Don’t they make an appearance in every season finale?)
    –CLAIRE. I like the Rose and Bernard guess (yes, we will see them) but I don’t see them getting involved in the big battle. I think this would be a good thing for Claire to do now that she’s rebelling against her “friend” (which is what I predict she’s doing.)

    6) Who is David’s mother?
    –Obvious: Juliet. I’ll eat my hat if it’s not.

    8 ) Why did Desmond call Jack pretending to be Oceanic Airlines? By the end of the episode, this hadn’t come into play at all.
    –I am so glad you thought of this b/c I feel like a lot of people forgot about this since it happened so early on. So, the coffin has NOT been found but Des wants Jack to think so. Huh. This is a big part of the plan…but I can’t figure out how it will go.

    9) Does Ben still have that C4 in his bag?
    –Good call. Definitely. Like I said, I think we are done with the plane…but…Ben will be blowing something up.

    10) In the season premiere we saw that, in Sideways World, the island was under water. Is that going to come into play in the finale?
    –Yes. Some people say it is because the SW is the epilogue to the story–it ends with them destroying the island, “rebooting” and living there happily ever after. But with the awakening led by Morpheus Desmond and Fake Locke now endorsing the “Gonna Destroy the Island” plan…I think there is no way it goes this way. Instead I think it is just significant (or maybe only symbolic) that there is no island in that world. There’s no light…so what does that mean for that world?

    11) Now that Jack drank the Kool-Aid, does that mean that the other candidates are no longer candidates? In other words, are they vulnerable to Locke Monster now?
    –I’ve wondered this too. I have no idea. Depends on how Jacob’s rules were set up. However, if Jack were to die, one of them could take over…so it seems that they would still be “candidates.”

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