LOST’s Adventure Doesn’t End with the Finale

24 05 2010

As I mentioned in the last post, I wrote a recap of the LOST finale for Books & Culture. But it’s not just a response to the finale; it’s also a summation of the entire show, and an evaluation of the legacy it left for us.

Maybe it’s a little too early to talk about its “legacy” the day after the finale airs, but I don’t care.

I’m sure you guys will notice that I omitted some pretty important details (the fact that Locke Monster became mortal again being one; Jack replacing the cork being another), and all I can say in my defense is: “Oops.”

But as we all know by now, “whatever happened, happened,” so there’s no changing it now.

If you still want to read the piece, here’s a link for you: “LOST‘s Adventure Doesn’t End with the Finale

I’m still working on my usual episode recap, so if you want a more focused look at how it all ended, check back later today (or tomorrow).




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