About the Blogger

Tyler Charles is a Lost nerd (obviously), who, despite what this blog suggests, really doesn’t have too much time on his hands. When he isn’t thinking and writing about Lost, he is a freelance writer/editor who writes primarily for Christianity Today publications.

Tyler lives in Delaware, Ohio, with his beautiful wife, Barbie, and no pets…yet.

If you like this blog, and you think you’d like to read his posts about freelance writing, publishing, honesty, or books he’s reading, feel free to check out: tylercharles.wordpress.com

If you’d like to see his blog posts from Lost‘s fifth season, check out: http://tylercharles.blogspot.com/search/label/LOST

If you want to know what Tyler is thinking and doing all the time (first of all, that’s scary), you can follow his tweets here: http://twitter.com/Tyler_Charles


2 responses

13 02 2010
Mary Bellus

Too bad you can’t merge your blog from Season 5 into this one. I really liked your character profiles on Desmond and Daniel Farraday, etc.

14 02 2010


I might be able to bring a couple of them over, I suppose…

I also had drafts of a couple other character profiles that I never completed. Jack, Kate, and Ben, I think. Maybe I’ll do some of those here.

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