This blog is for those like me who have the sickness (no, not the sickness Rousseau refers to in the earlier seasons of Lost) and cannot watch a single episode of Lost without needing to know what others are thinking and theorizing, for those who love, nay, those who are “obsessed with” Lost—and those who, most likely, have family members and friends who just don’t understand.

Early in season 5, I started writing recaps of each episode. When others commented and shared their ideas, I loved it. But even when they didn’t, I still needed to write down my thoughts—to help me process all that was happening on and off the island, and to help me cope with my version of “the sickness.”

So, if you’re sick like me (like so many of us), then perhaps this can be a coping mechanism for you as well. I hope it will be enlightening at times, but most of all, I hope this blog will make Lost‘s sixth and final season a little more entertaining for all of us.

So welcome (er, “namaste!”), and let the frivolity, mind games, and theorizing begin…


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