Why “Pieces”?

“Lost Pieces” seemed like such an appropriate title heading into the sixth season. Sure, two weeks from now (or even two hours from now), it might seem completely inappropriate, but for the time being, I like it.

No, I don’t subscribe to the “Lost is a game” theory (at least not in the literal sense). Do I think that our Losties could be pawns in a struggle that is much larger than any of them? Yes. But do I think it’s a game? No, I think it’s something a little more significant (and, perhaps, sinister) than that.

And I think each character is just a “piece” of the story, and they all fit together (each of them has a “destiny,” if you will), and they’re each confused (or “lost,” if you want to make a poor pun) about their role in all of this (and even confused, like us, about what “all of this” even is).

So, have the first five seasons been a game? Ben vs. Widmore? Jacob vs. the Man in Black? An epic game of backgammon (two sides…light vs. dark), with the lives of our Losties each representing a piece of the struggle…? Yeah, maybe. I do believe that certain characters have been manipulated and used (cough, Locke, cough), but I hope that this season, our Losties begin to figure out exactly what (or who) is at the root of everything, and they will finally have the knowledge they need to make the right decisions—and the freedom to decide for themselves.


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7 02 2010

Like the name!

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